Tuesday, May 13, 2008

anti-boredom workout

it is so beautiful outside today. the sun is shining and the breeze is warm and there are lots of police on bicycles. i went for a five mile run this morning and i could really feel that spring is in the air. i was crying. not joking. but not out of happiness... from allergies. yee-gads! some years i am affected by allergies and some years i am not. it's hit or miss. those trees with the white flowers are blooming all of a sudden and it's really making me tear up.

i think it's these flowers, they smell really nice:

last night i hit the gym and didn't know what to do. i was kind of tired because it was monday so i looked online and found fitness magazine's anti-boredom workout. it says it will burn 400 calories. it didn't for me (about 300) but it was still a good workout. i pushed it to the max and here is what i did. RPE = rate of perceived exertion, measured on a scale of 1-10.

0:00-5:00: warm-up, RPE 5
5:00-7:00: 85 rpm (rotations per minute) level 10, RPE 5-7
7:00-8:00: 100 rpm level 10, RPE 7-9
repeat minutes 5:00-8:00 two more times
14:00-15:00 recover (relaxed pedal), RPE 5

(in between machines i did some free weights)

15:00-18:00: moderate (level 6-9), RPE 5-7
18:00-20:00 increase (level 16), RPE 7-9
20:00-25:00 repeat

(more free weights)

25:00-27:00 5.8 mph, RPE 5-7
27:00-29:00 7.0 mph, RPE 7-9
29:00-33:00 repeat
33:00-35:00 5.8 mph, RPE 5-7
35:00-40:00 4.5 mph, RPE 4

(then i did some situps and stretches). definitely an anti-boredom workout. :)

tonight is book club and we are discussing lullabies for little criminals which was amazing and i recommend it to everyone! i wish i knew i could buy it for so cheap instead of paying $17 in the bookstore. that's cheap cheap (like a little bird.)

today on the menu is some oatmeal, banana, strawberries, yogurts, clementines, etc. same old same old.


Cara said...

Wow sounds like a great workout! I hope the allergies get better. I have bad ones today too.

Jennifer said...

That sounds like an interesting workout! I can see how you are enjoying that HRM :) I'm thinking of buying one too, I just have to save up the money for it first. Did yours come with a chest band thingy?

Haley said...

Ugh, allergies suck -- the only downside of spring. Feel better!

Jen said...

Wow, that definitely doesn't sound like I would be bored doing that!!!

P.O.M. said...

Have you ever checked out www.half.com? It's part of eBay. They have lots of books for cheap cheap.

eurydice said...

yes it has a chest strap. at first i was going to get one that was just a watch... but then thought... what is the point unless i'm going to be as accurate as possible?

p.o.m.: i've never heard of it - but i'll check it out.

Bi0nicw0man said...

allergies...yup, me too!

anti-boredom workout...I am so trying that when I get back to a gym!

lullabies for little criminals...I actually looked for that book at the airport but they didn't have it so I got The Other Bolyn Girl instead.

Lex said...

ugh I feel ya with the allergies!

thx again for another book to add to my list of 'must reads' :)

Crystal said...

Those flowers in your pic look like lilacs, I love their smell. My parents have a lot of lilac bushes on their homestead.

That sounds like quite the workout with no chance of boredom, I may have to try something similar.

carla said...

Ive been meaning to read that book....

thanks for the thumbs up.