Thursday, May 22, 2008

quick one - and...

quick post today, because i am heading out of the office for a bit in a few minutes. yesterday (day two) was another success. except that i couldn't move all day. the pain/lack of movement was worse than ever. my bum pain turned into a groin pull or something. it was a nightmare. but anyway... i took a bath and used a heating pad and went to bed early and it already feels much better today. i am not gimpy mcgoo anymore which is a bonus.

this morning i went down to the gym, but running was not an option. i tried a bit of walking first, but even that started to aggravate my groin pain so i stopped. instead i did a bit of stationary biking, a bit of arm weights, and the elliptical. i hate the elliptical but a girls gotta do what she has to do - desperate times people, desperate times.

for the record i am only being so hardcore this week because i am trying to slim down before friday. it is my boyfriend's bimonthly pop and art event and i will be wearing a dress and don't want my pooch to be pooching out. and i know i gained a bit last week (and on the weekend) and i want to nip it in the bud as fast as possible, thus the extreme exercise (although not extreme today) and counting of calories, which i don't normally do.

when i gain weight, i gain it first in my stomach. stomach and upper thigh area. this is how i know i've gained. i don't have a naturally thin stomach. it will never be flat like some women's stomach. i am an apple. skinny arms and legs mean nothing to me... it's all about the stomach. where do you gain weight first?

today on the menu is:

a navel orange
1 packet weight control cinnamon oatmeal
1/2 cup all bran
1 T flax
1 source yogurt
2 T pumpkin

1/2 cup plain 2% yogurt
2 vanilla fat free yogurts
1/2 cup raspberries
14 carrots
1/4 cup salsa
1 high fibre tortilla

and for dinner not sure - maybe heaps of edamame. yummy! one more day until the weekend... and my dreaded weigh-in... yikes!


Jennifer said...

I think I gain weight in my thighs/love handles first. That's the place I always notice it. Thank God these love handles are really starting to go away, for once! lol. I'd love to say goodbye to them for good!

Cara said...

I think I gain weight first in the thighs and tush area. My stomach is the first place I lose weight and the last place I gain. But I do wish the legs were smaller...... everyone always wants what they dont have right? heh.

Anonymous said...

i know this is gonna sound bad but i gain it in my boobs first. most girls would love that but i don't. yay almost the weekend.

shelley said...

i always have a double chin, which i hate! other than that probably my thighs and stomach...but pretty much everywhere, I don't really have a skinny anything which is really annoying.

jodi said...

i usually gain in my hips/thighs which is why i like spanx-like products... don't kill yourself before friday, wearing something under your dress (to hide the pooch) isn't a bad thing so i highly recommend it... i wear mine under pants sometimes to give it a smoother appearance... :o)

Jen said...

glad you aren't "gimpy mcgoo" anymore (that made me laugh!)

I am a hips/bum girl...first to gain, last to lose...I see your apple and raise you a pear!

P.O.M. said...

I gain it right in my stomach too. I don't know if I will ever have one of those flat stomachs - how the heck to girls get those?

Bi0nicw0man said...

hahahha....gimpy mcgoo. you crack me up. Not that your pain is funny, but you are!

I tend to gain in my thighs and butt...sometimes lower back right above the butt. I am actually lucky to have a naturally flat's not always firm, but I've yet to develop a pooch or anything.

However, when I lose, it constantly seems to be from my boobs or my face...and I really have no need to lose from those places!!!

Crystal said...

Hips/butt are the first place to show the weight gain and, of course, the last to lose it. It sucks but what can you do but keep working at it.

Shirls said...

I hope your feeling back to normal and quick, your working so hard and it sucks when you just don't right.

I gain in my stomach first and pretty much no where else, which is how I ended up with all that flab on the tummy after I lost my weight..