Friday, May 16, 2008

unlucky to lucky :)

well, my day turned into a great one! here is a friday list:

1) for those of you who gave away antm results on your blogs, that's fine with me. seriously, it is my opinion that if you really don't want to know who won things (be it reality tv shows, or sporting events, whatever) then you need to drop all contact with the outside world until you find out for yourself. :)

2) my breakfast yesterday (cinnamon spice oatmeal with pumpkin, nutmug, egg whites, shreddies... whatever else i said) was yummo. but too thick. i microwaved it at work after combining everything at home (including water) and it could have used more unsweetened almond breeze at work which i didn't have. but other than that, very delicious.

3) yes, i love my george foreman.

4) my pain still hurts... it's not that bad but annoying. it makes me feel old. it's only when i'm exercising (at the beginning) or changing positions after resting for awhile (like in bed) that it hurts. i'm going to give it some more time and then if it persists, do something about it.

5) i am working from home today, HA HA HA long weekend baby.

6) i had no cavities at the dentist.

7) my dentist is in my old neighbourhood, which has this video store where you can rent the entire season of one show at once, for cheap ($6...) as opposed to blockbuster where you only get episodes 1-4 for the same price. i got season three of kenny vs. spenny since it's my bf's favourite show... and i am going to surprise him tonight with a relaxing evening chez moi.

8) he has been away all week at camp with his students and is coming home tonight. :)

9) i got the hottest dress of all time from h & m. it looks like something stacey london would wear. i am going to wear it on saturday night (dancing) and then i will show you all how wonderful it is.

10) did i mention i'm at home?

11) today i'm going to clean up my apartment to get ready for the weekend, do an anti-boredom workout downstairs, go shopping again, and grocery shopping maybe, and then relax... and work a bit too actually.

12) no menu today... long weekend. except i'm sure i will have oatmeal at some point ;). hooray! happy long weekend everyone. i am sooooooo excited.

13) i forgot to weigh-in until this second. 120.8 UGH which is 0.8 gain (not much) but over my range. but it's ok. i really don't care this week. actually i'm happy about it because i'm always hovering right at the top of my range and it takes going over to actually get serious about getting it back down to the middle. :) (next week of course)


Anonymous said...

i can't wait to see this hottest dress of all time. i am super jealous that you are working from home. have a great day girlie.

Cara said...

aww I am glad everything is getting better! Woo hoo!

Can't wait to see the pic of the dress. I am going to h&m tomorrow I think. Woo hoO!

Jen said...

YAY! HAve a great long weekend! I can't wait to see the dress either! sounds hot!

Erin said...

I LOVED my George Foreman when I lived in an apartment. Now I just look insane to my neighbours and barbecue all year round.

P.O.M. said...

Yeah for no cavities. That reminded me to make a dentist appintment RIGHT NOW!

shelley said...

I love work at home day too.

So do you watch "What Not to Wear?" Stacy has grown on me, but I heart Clinton. Can't wait to see the dress.

Lex said...

Glad you got to have good start to the long weekend! Nice to hear things are getting better!
I'm wiating for the dress toooooooooooooo!

carla said...

you can pee that out, woman :)
dont fret.

and h&m? is it as great as they say? wish there were one here.

hmm, thats it.

Im already betrothed to my GF grill. we had a civil ceremony a few years back.


Mrs Furious said...

I hear you on the weight. You know I've been dealing with the same thing for a while. Finally back where I want to be... hopefully this time I'll be able to stick there.

Can't wait to see the dress!

Crystal said...

sounds like it was a pretty good day. can't wait to see some pics of that hot dress!