Friday, May 2, 2008

rain rain go away

i was feeling better by lunch yesterday so i walked on the treadmill for a while and then my bf's mom picked me up and we drove to his school for a TALENT SHOW! oh yeah! he made two bands in his class, one girls and one boys, and played guitar with each of the bands. it was so cute. we left halfway through because it was soooo long.

my hummus was a huge hit last night. i guess the power of the secret worked! and now i am back at work. joy! it's not that bad, because my job is the best and i like the routine of being here and not at home where i can get into trouble. tonight i am going with my friend to this exclaim magazine party. one of my friends sometimes writes music reviews for them and asked me to come along. it's free food (yes!) and drinks (yes!!) from 6-8 and then tokyo police club is playing. i haven't listened to them before but they are popular... or so it seems.

today i took a day off from exercise since i am still feeling a bit off. not sick, but mentally exhausted or something. i need to relax. good thing the weekend starts in... 6 hours.

the new book i am reading is: the constant princess by philippa gregory. she also wrote the other boleyn girl and the boleyn inheritance. this book is about catherine of aragon, the spanish princess who was betrothed to prince arthur of england when they were both toddlers. so she married him and then he died, and she married his brother henry. so she's the spanish queen (of england) who henry kicked off the throne (basically changing the religion of england to do so) in order to bring in anne boleyn. interesting? oh yes - you couldn't make up stories this good!

anyhoo, today on the menu is:

pc blue menu multigrain oatmeal with flax and pumpkin
mixed berries

leftover tomato meatball soup
kashi crackers

source yogurts with grapes and mixed berries

and then dinner at the partay!


Jennifer said...

Hey Eury, what about your WI this morning?!! :)

eurydice said...

Oops! I'll post! :)

P.O.M. said...

I'm so excited to relax tonight! Relaxing is gooooood.
PLus I have wake up super early to run so I can get to the POOL PARTY in LA on time! So excited.

Sara said...

we were at the Tokyo Police Club show last night too!! I thought saw you too! On the street but I was talking to a friend and after I passed you I thought, mmm that looks like eury? But what are the chances... well apparently they were good - it probably was you! Crazy!