Tuesday, March 11, 2008

running champion

good morning everyone. i had photoshop last night until ten so i stayed pretty much on my eating plan... until i got home and was starvin' like marvin. i had soup, a dad's oatmeal cookie, a few pieces of beef jerky (i know beef jerky? wtf), and social tea cookies. mmmm social tea cookies are soooo good. coming home last night was also overwhelming because movers came in the day dropping off a thousand boxes and pieces of furniture from my uncle's apartment. ok, not a thousand. but a lot. his old desk, tv cabinet (which is kind of ugly... unsure unsure!), computer stuff, kitchen stuff (george foreman, blender, better kettle, etc), printer, weird metal storage things. lots of stuff. and it's all sitting there, in my living room. my boyfriend stayed home during the day yesterday to let the movers in (nice guy!) and he did all the dishes too, so at least it was somewhat clean when i came home.

tonight is a night of organization! i seriously need to re-order my kitchen cabinets including under the sink to make room for all of my new kitchen gadgets. i hate having anything but the toaster and kettle on the counter. and the food scale, but it's little. all the stuff i don't use everyday has got to be out of sight.

oh so the title of my post, running champion. i didn't do any exercise yesterday. well, formal exercise... whatever that means. i went for a walk, probably 3 miles, at lunchtime, to get some activity in, and the sun was shining. and then i was forced to walk home last night because the streetcar never came! i only waited for a couple of minutes before deciding to walk, but i didn't see one until i was a few minutes before my get off point anyway.

this morning i woke up to go downstairs to the gym. but it was PAINFUL getting up. maybe because with the time change it's still dark outside. i finally got up after convincing myself that i'd feel like crap if i didn't go and my only excuse was being a lazy lout which isn't cool. so, since i really didn't want to do anything, i decided to run without music, to get in tune (no lame joke intended) with my body and it's movements. i warmed up for 5 minutes walking, then ran for 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 20 minutes, 30 minutes, 35 minutes (which is where i usually would stop), but i kept going for another 10 minutes, before walking 5 minutes cool down. that's 45 minutes running without stopping. on the treadmill with no music. amazing! in total i went 5.26 miles or 8.47 kilometres. it's blowing my mind right now as i type this. why? because in the middle of september, i couldn't run at all!

in other news, i got this really interesting book at the library. it's called your diet is driving me crazy and it's about dealing with different eating habits and patterns in relationships. for example, maybe your boyfriend can eat whatever he wants without gaining weight and you can't. or maybe your partner only likes boring bland food and you like to spice it up. or maybe you are a "food cop" or are dealing with one... someone who pressures you to eat better or a certain way but does it in a pushy, negative way. anyway, so far it's cute, and easy to read. i like it and recommend it!

this is the biggest image i could find:


Angie All The Way said...

Hey thanks for the heads up about that book - I couldn't be MORE opposite from FH with food. He doesn't eat any veggies or anything like pasta or rice (I know!) and that book looks like it's worth a read.

P.S. I ordered some PB2 :-)

Vanessa said...

Great job on the run!

Good luck organizing all of the stuff :).

Sara said...

Congrats on an amazing run!! That book sure sounds interesting. Have fun organizing and unpacking - totally not jealous!!

Cara said...

You are one busy lady! Good job on the run! That is awesome!

That is also cool about all the gadgets and what not. Woo ho!

Jenn said...

I need to get a copy of that book. Matt and I have some similar tastes and some different ones, but my healthy eating, point counting, food measuring, drives him nuts!

Have fun reorganizing your stuff today!

Sarah said...

OOoh George Foreman grill! I want one so bad!

And way to go with the running! I NEED music to do cardio!

Erin said...

Awesome with the running! I also hate having stuff on the counters, and my kitchen is pretty small. So i end up having to keep all of my big kitchen appliance type things in a walk in closet in the basement. It is kind of annoying to go get things, but I don't have much choice!

RunnerGirl said...

Impressive run!

death by chocolate said...

congrats on the run! the whole "no head phone thing" is especially impressive!

Shirls said...

ok I'm stuck at the 8.5 km in 45 mins thing, thats not running thats sprinting girl, truly mindblowing

Shirls said...

oh and whatever you do about re-organizing things, KEEP the foreman grill, love, and I mean truly deeply adore mine :0)

eurydice said...

angie: i can't get my bf to eat anything that isn't boring. i want to go out for indian food!

vanessa: thanks!

sara: i loathe unpacking stuff! it's the worst!

cara: yes, i finally have a very stocked kitchen. :)

jenn: my bf actually likes looking at nutrition labels in the grocery store now... i've taught him well.

sarah: you have to get one - i've been using one for years.... they are AMAZING!

erin: that is annoying, but better than having clutter around, especially if you don't use things every day.

runnergirl: thanks!

deathbychocolate: sometimes i find it's easier with no music which surprises me... very weird.

shirls: thank you! i run at 6.2 mph and 1% incline. there is another girl in my building who never goes below 7 mph... how does she do it? i have no idea! and i'm with you on the grill. i've had a mini one for years... but it's dead for sure. and is only for one person - now i can make two burgers or whatever at once. :)