Friday, March 28, 2008

oh my god

so last night i went to get another can of pink paint. good times. i finished the third coat of pink and then went on to do the second coat of gray "castle stone" in the living and dining room. well, what do you know, i run out of paint, one wall to completion in the second coat. so i had to go back there this morning.

and THEN, i come back to my apartment... and my door is wide open, and there are men on my balcony. WTF! men! seriously! they were here to fix some metal thing that blew up on a windy day, which is good, but still, warn a girl. i could have been sleeping or in the tub or something.

i finished the gray wall now, and i'm going to walk on the treadmill for a while, before starting something else. friday is weigh in and i lost 2.6 (!) so i'm at 118.8 which is back in the maintenance range. i'm sure i burned a thousand million calories painting because i can hardly move my right arm anymore...

before i go, i have to plug those source tango yogurts. they are 100g, only 35 calories, and two colours - white and another (varies for flavour). they are so good and i'm pretty much obsessed with them and eat up to four a day. thank god it's the weekend. i need a stiff drink with a capital D. :o)


P.O.M. said...

Amen - there will be some drinkin' giong on this weekend!

So scary about the men in ur house. I hate when landlords do that shit (or SLUMlords in my case). Coming over announced should be illegal. Many o' times I have been caught coming out of the shower. I think he does it on purpose - the creepy fuck.

Anne said...

Finding men in my house would creep me right out!!

I will look for those yogurts, thanks for the tip!

death by chocolate said...

mmm yes! love, love, love source yogurts. i'm with you on the 4 a day - i eat them for breakfast, snacks, and desserts.

glad to hear that you're painting is coming along nicely and is almost finished. have a great weekend!

Crystal said...

Hear you about the drinks..I've got a jumbo margarita with my name on it. Mmmmmm.

ashley said...

I want to see pictures of all these colors you're talking about!

Congratulations on the return to maintenance. It's funny how just a few pounds can make us feel so different.

Vanessa said...

Dude, finding strange men in my house would freak me right out.

Haha, that reminds me of the time I was awakened by the fire chief shouting from inside my hallway the morning after we had a fire in the apartment next door to us. Poor guy barely contained his laughter when I shuffled out in Lucas's robe with my hair sticking out all over the place to find out who the eff was in my apartment! :P

Sarah said...

That is awful about the maintenance guys! I remember giving a landlord a lot of crap once for not giving me the 24 hours notice they are legally bound to give you before entering your apartment. You should give your landlord crap!

Those yogurts sound yummy.