Wednesday, March 12, 2008

get 'r done

i hate when people use this phrase: get 'r done, haha, but it's what i've been doing. last night i organized the kitchen and now there is room for everything. i have a lot of kitchen appliances.

on the counter we have:
4 slice toaster
kitchen scale

under the counter in a cabinet we have:
immersion blender
crock pot
popcorn popper
toaster oven
waffle maker
george foreman grill
12-cup coffee maker

isn't that a lot? not that i even do that much cooking. but i do a) drink a lot of hot bevs, b) toast things quite often, c) use the george foreman grill often enough. i wanted the blender because they are fun to have and the 12-cup coffee maker in case one day i ever have a dinner party and need to serve a large quantity of coffee. planning ahead ;o)

i also unpacked a lot of boxes. i am the recipient of my uncle's old computer, which is really up-to-date and fancy schmancy. it was really hard to put together because there are a million kazillion random wires and plugs and cords. i think i did it though. i also got one of his old desks but i think it's too big. it takes up almost 1/2 of my little den. my old desk is falling apart and from ikea but i don't know... i'm just not into the new one and it's obscene size.

anyway, i worked nonstop until about 11pm and found it hard to wind down. my boyfriend came over after his band rehearsal and we ate popcorn and these new indian masala lays chips while watching the beginning of the biggest loser that i taped earlier. i had a 24 package of smartpop from costco and it's all gone. apparently i eat that much popcorn. unfortunately the 32 pack of fibre source granola bars isn't depleting so quickly.

tonight is my photoshop course again. on monday my instructor brought his dog, which was the biggest pitbull i've ever seen. the friendliest one too. my desk is beside the instructors and that dog spent 1/2 the time slobbering all over my arms... eeewwwwww! the other 1/2 was spent snoozing on the floor. :o)

this morning i walked for 60 minutes interval inclines, and did 15 minutes on the stationary bike. and today i'm eating:

pc blue menu multigrain oatmeal with splenda and ground flax
cottage cheese cup with mixed berries


tuna fish sandwich
vanilla yogurt

dinner: ? (rushed because of course)


Cara said...

You did get a lot done! Wow. it makes me tired reading it ;-) haha. jk

Jenn said...

Good job getting everything done! I'm never that productive at night.
Have fun at class tonight.

Sara said...

wowsa you certainly did get'r'done!

Blenders are great for smoothies!!

Have a great class!

Erin said...

When I lived in an apartment I used my George Foreman ALL the time. Now I barbecue all winter long, no matter what. People think I'm weird, but whatever. You were a busy girl!

Sarah said...

"2-cup coffee maker in case one day i ever have a dinner party and need to serve a large quantity of coffee"... oh my... I make one of these every morning .... for two people...

Is that wrong?!

Good job on the organizing!! It's so satisfying when you can finish and feel like things are uncluttered.

RunnerGirl said...

Well, you certainly did "get 'r done" although that saying drives me crazy! My students used to say it all the time and ruined all the humor in it!

Shirls said...

wow girl you do get 'r done! very impressive speed and sorting it all out and I have to say happy to hear you kept the george foreman, quesdilla (sp?), yum!