Friday, March 21, 2008

big fat gain

friday is weigh in day and i've gained... i feel crappy just writing this but i've gained 3.4 pounds. how is that even possible in one week? i can't say that i'm not bummed about it. i know that this journey is about health and not about numbers on the scale - i'm just bummed that now i'm going to have to be more diligent about points and counting everything for the next little while. i like maintenance because it cuts a little more slack than losing. but seriously, did i really overeat by 10,500 calories this week? doesn't that seem like a lot to you? the body works in mysterious ways people, mysterious ways!

that being said - i had a really active day yesterday, i counted points, and i felt really good about myself. i still do. for dinner i made a big fat omlet with egg beaters, egg whites, spinach, onion, leftover turkey meatballs, sundried tomatoes, chopped tomatoes, and 40g of light old cheddar. yum. it was SO big. it filled up my entire pan and i couldn't flip it, so i decided to broil the top in the oven. i took it out with an oven mit, and then when i went to put in on my plate i just grabbed the handle like a super-moron and burned my hand. i always do this!!! i never learn. i always carefully take something out of the oven, and then let my mind wander a bit, and then grab onto something ultra hot.

last night when i got home from work i had a little nap. i needed to because one of my girlfriends was coming over. i went to tap class, then came home and we went swimming in the pool. see? active! i even went running in the morning so it was a day of fitness! we also watched biggest loser and i was really sad to see who went home. remember last week when it was between brittany and maggie, but they pushed the elimination until the next week? well, my friend said they were showing commercials that gave away who got sent home, because the other person was getting a makeover and it was obvious. come on tv people, get with the program!

for breakfast this morning i made myself a big smoothie. i used 1 cup of frozen berries (1), ice, a vanilla activia yogurt (1.5), 1/2 a banana (1), a cup of unsweetened almond joy (1), and 2 tablespoons of PB2 peanut butter (1). yum yum. i had half and am saving the other half for later. i also cleaned behind the fridge and stove, and vacuumed, which i have been meaning to do for awhile. now i am going to paint the tv unit (i primed it last weekend) and then go for a walk on the treadmill. i have to lock my cat up in the bathroom but really, it's for his own good. no more paint paw marks. lately he has taken to sitting on the fridge, and taking swipes at all the photos and magnets on the fridge. he's a naughty boy but what can i do about it? i spray him with water when he jumps on the kitchen counter. now when he sees the spray bottle he runs away, but that doesn't stop him from going there when i'm not looking. in one of my old houses, one of my roommates kept a water cooler in the kitchen, and my cat used to push the lever for fun and spill the water all over the floor. see? naughty! what can i say... "don't do that!" he's a cat!

happy friday everyone - tonight is my boyfriend's rock show and tomorrow i am going to an all girls sleepover. sunday is easter at my boyfriend's parents and monday back to work. :o)


Cara said...

Sounds like you have a fun weekend ahead of you! Woo hoo!

I wouldn't worry about the weight gain. I bet tomorrow morning it is gone. Freak things happen sometimes.

After a day of not eating very much this week (I was sick and couldn't) I weighed myself and I weighed MORE. so weird. Oh also I weighed myself one night and then the next morning and apparently I gained a pound while sleeping that night. Ridiculous I say. Scales are just lame. hahah.

Sounds like your active day was great. I am looking forward to be able to breathe through one of those again soon. haha.

Erin said...

That smoothie sounds so good!

I agree that scales are dumb. Sometimes I have no idea what my body is up to - how I can gain so much one week for no apparent reason and then maintain when I eat crap.

P.O.M. said...

Don't worry too much about the gain. Sometimes things just go hay-wire, but you'll go back to "normal" in no time.

I, too am VERY clumsy in the kitchen. I cut myself at least once during any meal preparation.

Happy easter and watch out for the killer chocolate bunnies.

HotHarmony said...

Great blog, unfortunately I also showed a strange big gain this week as well. We had a cat once who would do the same thing with the water cool so we just set her bowl under the water cooler and she would fill her own bowl.

ashley said...

I have total faith that you'll get back in the swing of things in no time! Have fun tonight :)

Lex.D said...

aww sorry about your gain girl. Sounds like you are taking steps to keep it on track.

Your kitty seems pretty feisty lol. My cats have the same fear of the vision of the spray bottle, but they're very very sneaky and get very very quiet when they're up to no good. jeepers!

Shirls said...

there is no way you went over by that many calories, something else is lurking, water weight, TOM ups, stress, something its not all actual weight

Cara said...

You have been Tagged!.