Thursday, March 13, 2008

shower time?

for once this post won't be *just* about how busy i am. although i am still busy. in photoshop last night we learned how to alter photographs - clean up images, change things, etc. let's just say there will never be a photo of me with a pimple again. ;o)

in terms of my "house business," tonight i might put some tape on the walls for painting prep. i also had a revelation about desks. my den is going to be one wall pink. you'll have to see it to believe it haha. the desk i got from my uncle is just too big, but my old desk is so craptastic. so.... i'm going to paint the desk pink too. once again, you'll have to see it to believe it but i think it will look good. the inspiration for this pink is a reproduced old elvis concert poster that i have. the pink is bold, not pastelly. i have to buy bonding primer and a polyurethane finish for some other furniture i'm going to paint, so i won't have to get anything special. i only know about things like "bonding primer" and "polyurethane finish" because i googled "painting furniture" yesterday, not because i am a mini debbie travis in the making or anything.

so... the topic today is showering. post workout showing specifically. most of my recent workouts have been in the morning before work, so i just shower and then get on with my day, but what about working out after work? riddle me this - do you shower in the morning and then after your afterwork workout? do you wash your hair or just wash your body? do you go to bed all stinky and sweaty? and what about lunch time workouts? what if you don't go to the gym (with a shower) and just run outside... then what? do you think wiping down with baby wipes is good enough for a lunch workout? i used to swim all the time and part of the reason i stopped is because i can't stand being wet (after swimming, not during, that would be ridiculous), so i'd shower but then have to dry my hair and get all ready again, etc. so my question is: how and when do you shower?

in other news, i am in a pretty bad mood this morning because my streetcar commute was the worst ever. 1) it took so long for the car to come. 2) it was so crowded. 3) people were pushing and rude... really physically pushing! 4) people were wearing their backpacks... for the love of god... take off the backpacks. anyway. i got to work and had oat pancakes with banana and peanut butter. and i'm on my second cup of coffee, so things are looking up. also i ran 4 miles this morning so that's good too.

today i'm eating:

1/2 granola bar

oat pancakes with banana and pb2

activia vanilla yogurt

carrots and hummus

lean cuisine margherita pizza

raspberry activia yogurt

for dinner: not sure but it will involve roasted brussel sprouts


Cara said...

Aww I hope something will brighten your day enough to get you out of the bad mood!

Also I do shower in the morning and then again after my evening workout. I don't wash the hair though, just do a basic wash off. I am obsessed with showers anyway, so now I have an excuse to take two a day. heh.

Jenn said...

The pink wall and pink desk sound fun. Pink is my favorite color. :)
I only workout in the evening, so once I'm done I immediately go to the shower. And I normally work out at home, so its easy to hop of the treadmill and just go get in the shower. I do a complete wash then because that is my shower for the day. I shower nightly regardless of if I workout.
If I workout in the middle of the day on a weekend, then I shower afterwards - complete shower, and also shower again at night before bed - complete shower.

Randi said...

I will be the token disguisting pig for your comments. I go to bed all sweaty and nasty. Sometimes I don't even shower in the morning. I shower every 2 days, no matter when the workouts are. I hate the whole shower process. It seems like a waste of time. I hate, putting face cream on and lotion and getting dressed and towels and hair drying. It's way too much of a process for me (yet I need to do it all with my dry skin!)

Lex.D said...

Ugghhh I hate a-holes on the bus/train/streetcar.
MAkes for a jerkish morning and sets me off on the wrong food.

Generally I like to shower at night. I am a horrible morning person so I need my sleep. The days that I do shower in the morning then go to the gym in the evening, I usually just have a rinse + soap off. My *real* shower would have been the morning (shaving, shampoo, condition, etc etc) whereas the after workout shower would be just a rinse with soap. (Wow, that was redundant lol)