Monday, March 3, 2008

busy week ahead?

oh boy, monday again. actually it's not so bad for a few reasons: 1) it's not freezing. it's actually going to be 8°C or something like that today which is practically tropical. 2) i already worked out today. normally i run on monday evenings, but today i did it in the morning and i'm done and it feels pretty good. 3) i did other stuff before work too which makes me feel productive: i went to the grocery store and bought frozen berries for breakfast and dropped off my white winter coat at the dry cleaners because it was getting really gross looking. 4) i went to bed at a somewhat reasonable time last night (around midnight) so i am not dead tired.

so on saturday my boyfriend came over and we had some coffee then jumped in the car and went to canadian tire to buy paint. i bought paint for every room in the house. "castle stone" gray for the living and dining room (one big long room), "blue jeans" blue for the bathroom, "citrus swirl" yellow for the kitchen and hallway, "pic nic" green for the bedroom, and "passion pink" for one wall of the den. yes, my house is going to be a crazy colourful wonderland but so what? it's my house and i can do whatever i want and i love colour! and it is only paint, which can be re-painted easily if it looks hideous. for the "passion pink" wall, i also bought this debbie travis paintable wallpaper. basically it's a raised design and it gives your walls a really neat texture. i got this victorian looking floral pattern which is going to look really wild with the pink. i'm not going to paint yet. first i have to hang up that paper and do all of the boring stuff like taping everywhere. boring!

so this morning i had a nice run - 4 miles, then did strength training and sit-ups and stretching. i got some new workout shorts and headphones at wal-mart on saturday, too. just cheap headphones, panasonic or jvc or some brand that isn't sony but is still a name brand. i like the kind with buds that stick in your ear, but have that sport ear wrap around thing. they were only $12 or so, which is a good price. now i need to stop spending money... i am burning a serious hole in my pocket.

menu is erratic today, since i'm going out for lunch and having guests for dinner:

pc blue menu multigrain oatmeal
1 T flax
1 T splenda
1 T cinnamon
3/4 cup frozen berries


Sarah said...

So jealous about the paint! I REALLY want to paint our house... Have fun! you have to post pics when it's done!

Vanessa said...

The paint sounds wonderful! It's all going to look so good when you're done with it :). Definitely post pics when you're done, I want to see this awesome paint job!

Cara said...

Its warmer there because I have been thinking warm thoughts for you. Swear. hahaha. jk.

I hope you show us pictures of the painted walls. I want my place to be painted all cool. I think I might have to get out of my rented apartment first though. heh.

Jenn said...

The paint colors sound so fun! Your house is going to be like spring time!

P.O.M. said...

Those paints sound adorable. I would love to paint over all the mold in my house, but there is no reason since I just rent and am hardly there.

RunnerGirl said...

Those colors sound awesome, have fun painting!

Haley said...

Your paint choices sound gorgeous -- nothing is better than a freshly painted room to make you feel Spring is coming! I hope you'll post pics of the debbie travis wallpaper (I adore her)... :)

ashley said...

Your color choices sound so exciting! I want to see pictures, too! And tell us what you made for dinner!

Shirls said...

I love colour and paint too, I have 11 different colours in my house, so yeah I totally get it and your totally right, its only paint, if you don't like it, change it, just like hair colour!

great work on getting so much done before work, truly impressive

Erin said...

The pink sounds awesome! That is really neat about the wallpaper, you have to show us when you are done. I hate the prep work for painting. No fun.