Monday, March 24, 2008

easter monday

nobody should have to work on easter monday! what's going on!? actually i think most people are working. and i'm happy to be back to work today because being at work really helps me stay on track with eating during the day. despite my gain on friday, i still ate like crap on the weekend. i went to a girl's sleepover on saturday night and on sunday went to easter brunch/lunch/dinner at both my boyfriend's parent's house and my parent's house. it could have been worse but it wasn't great. anyway, now is the time for action.

lately (the past month or so) i've been feeling really lethargic. maybe it's because it's STILL cold outside, and i just want to run outside and ride my bike to work again and that isn't happening yet, or maybe because i'm stressed about all of my home improvement projects that just seem to loom over my head all the time. i need to slap some sense into myself. and this is my plan.

1) count everything (points) during the week, and be sensible on the weekend. by sensible i mean not going overboard by drinking too much, not going to mcdonalds (not that i ever do that anyway haha), eating more healthful meals, etc.

2) get more sleep, especially during the week. i love staying up at night because it feels like my own personal quiet time. sleeping personal time is good too.

3) try to become less ocd about working out. run three times a week, and vary activities for the other days.

4) create a to-do list for home stuff and knock stuff off the list that way.

this morning i walked to work (2.3 miles) and after work i am going to get movie tickets for a saturday canadian film fest screening of spencer rice's new movie. spencer is spenny from that showcase show "kenny and spenny" which is really funny. he should be at the movie on saturday which is neat to the o.

and today i'm eating:

source yogurt (1)

regular oatmeal with added flax (2)
5 oz. strawberries (0.5)

source yogurt (1)

lean cuisine (6)
5 oz. strawberries (0.5)

source yogurt (1)
1 cup grapes (1)

dinner: ?


Cara said...

Sounds like a good plan.

I need to get back on track as well. Perhaps I will come up with a plan tomorrow....

Sarah said...

Good job on having a plan!! I'm the same too, REALLY need to get back on track!

Jenn said...

I agree - no one should have to work today. I could really use the day off actually.

I need to get back on track too. I think your plan sounds good.

P.O.M. said...

It looks like we all need to get back on track. Especially after a crazy weekend of eating and drinking everything in site!

Erin said...

Being at works makes me eat much better than I do at home, my day is much more structured. And on the weekdays I plan my whole day of food the night before (when I am in weight loss mode, which MUST be now....sigh...). It really helps me. Then on the weekends I don't have to stress as much if something unexpected comes up and messes up my food plans.

Crystal said...

Hi there! Ran into your blog and thought I'd say hi...HI! Sounds like you have a good plan of attack to get yourself back on track after the holiday goodies. I find a written plan helps keep me in check. Good idea to do a "to do list" for those home improvement projects. I like to put deadlines too (realistic of course) to get me to finish them. Good luck!

Jason Dittle said...

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Lex.D said...

great plan, girl!! i need to do the same!!