Tuesday, March 25, 2008

la di da

so since cara tagged me for this blog game where you have to sum up your life (or something like that haha) in six words i thought...


i've always loved this phrase after hearing it in that cute drew barrymore movie "never been kissed." she speaks into her little tape recorder... "i can grab bulls balls, i can grab bulls balls" hahaha. basically it means that you have to take what you want. you can't wait for things to fall into your lap. for example, if there is a nice man you like, tell him. not telling him isn't going to get you anywhere. if you want a better job, brush up on your career skills and apply for one. if you want to lose weight, stop eating crap all the time and moaning about how you never seem to lose weight (this sounds like someone i know all too well... (me...)) so grab the bull by the balls and hang on tight. ;o)

last night i worked out after work for the first time in a while and it sucked. i didn't get down there until about 7:40 so i was pumping it until around 9 and really people, that's just too late for me. the problem was that it was insanely hot in the gym. so hot that when i got in there i noticed it right away. and i noticed that the one other guy on the bikes really stunk. pee yew! i could only run for 15 minutes and had to stop. in total i ran for 35 minutes (because that's what i usually do) but with all the walking and stopping starting in between it took me 60 minutes total. too bad i couldn't do it continuously but at least i did it and that's what counts. i also did some strength training. i was hungry when i went to bed which doesn't feel particularly good but so it goes. i ate all my points (including activity points) already so there you have it. actually i heated a cup of unsweetened almond joy with added sugar free caramel syrup (1 point for it all) and it curbed my hunger a little and tasted like heaven in liquid form.

this morning i was going to walk on the treadmill but didn't wake up until 7 so i switched my wednesday workout and went swimming for 45 minutes instead. it was a good workout. i also walked to work (2.3 miles). i am trying to get a lot of activity in this week to bring down my gain from last week (combo that with ridiculous amounts of easter eating).

today my menu is:

coffee (0)
source yogurt (1)

regular instant oatmeal with added ground flax (2)
coffee (0)
5 oz. strawberries (0.5)

source yogurt (1)

lean cuisine pizza (7)
leftover mixed veggies from last night (0)

5 oz. strawberries (0.5)
1 cup grapes (1)
source yogurt (1)



Cara said...

I love your phrase! Makes a lot of sense. I try to do just that. Only worry about things until you come up with a solution, and then stick to it and shut it out of your head ;-) Good stuff.

Oh I WISH I worked close enough to walk to work. I am working on finding a job closer though... just need to figure out which state I will be living in in the next few months....

RunnerGirl said...

I love your mantra, and the pic that goes along with it!

Vanessa said...

Haha, love it!

Good job on the workout last night and this morning!

Sarah said...

Fantastic phrase! So fun!

And I know what you mean about working out late... I don't like it at all! I need some down time in the evening or my sleep gets all messed up!

Jenn said...

Great phrase - it is so important to remind people to go get what they want instead of complain about how they don't have it.

I always work out late. I get up at 5:30 to get ready for work, and I don't want to get up earlier than that. So I work out at night after dinner digests a little bit. Sometimes its hard to fall asleep, but at least I'm getting some working out in.

P.O.M. said...

HA HA. That picture totally cracked me up> Thanks - I needed a good laugh today!

Laura said...

You're fantastic and your motto is too!

I need to stop moaning and do something.

The words I'm trying to live by lately are "be the change you want to see in the world". It works out most of the time.

I think I'm going to embrace your words for a little bit, though.

Sara said...

too funny!! And you are certainly do that with your exercise - way to go girl!

Crystal said...

Your phrase gave me the giggles. Very nice and so true! You are a very active person, I think that's awesome. It would be great to be able to walk to work but it's 20+ minutes in the car for me. All your exercise is very inspiring!

katieo said...

swimming...yikes...whenever I feel like I'm in remotely good shape, I go swimming...it always convinces me otherwise, lol...

Lex.D said...

what a great phrase!! it's SO true!

i hate stink people. i dislike hot gyms. eww eww ewwwwwwwwwww