Wednesday, March 5, 2008

oh my god, the weather

this weather is driving me crazy. seriously there is another snowstorm? why oh why? yesterday i had a LONG day at my uncle's. but a lot was accomplished, i think. and i took this weird mood light from his apartment. it's called go lite mood relief and it's for seasonal affective disorder (SAD) and no one else wanted it so now i have a funny blue light on me.

today is going to be another very long day. i got up early and was going to walk on the treadmill for 80 minutes, but after an hour i was bored, so i finished my workout using the stationary bike, which was actually a really nice change of pace. here i am at work, but i start that photoshop course tonight, and it doesn't end until 10pm, so i won't be going home until then.

yesterday my eating wasn't that great. breakfast was oatmeal and peanut butter, lunch was tons of those sashi heart cookie (not joking) and dinner was chicken soup and chicken on a kaiser at swiss chalet. not the best but under the circumstances it was how it had to be. i *should* have planned ahead and brought healthy snacks, so i wouldn't have eaten those cookies, but it's over now.

for breakfast today i'm trying something new and it's soooo good and i can't believe i haven't tried it earlier. red river hot cereal. it's a nutty delicious blend of wonder. i made it at home, then at work added a bit of unsweetened almond joy and reheated in the microwave. i added a tablespoon of splenda too.

here is today's menu:
1/3 cup red river hot cereal
banana yogurt
frozen berries

low fat vanilla yogurt
vegetable cocktail
banana bread oatmeal

ham and swiss sandwich
activia yogurt
muffin bar thing


Cara said...

i hope that red river cereal is where I am! where did you buy it? it looks good!

Good luck getting through the day. I am jealous of your photoshop class! I only know the basics I taught myself. heh.

Jenn said...

I need a mood light! I seriously think I get a mild case os SAD every winter. Thank goodness its almsot over!

Good luck getting through the day. I had oatmeal for breakfast and lunch too - steel cut, yum!!

P.O.M. said...

Ha - it's a yogurt & hot cereal day for you.

I wish I could learn photoshop. Maybe over the summer. I took an Illustrator class so I can kinda create cheesy logos for work.

Sara said...

I have a box of red river and I never make - thanks for the reminder!!

a SADD light - that is too cool!