Monday, March 17, 2008

happy st. patrick's day

i am wearing a green shirt - not for st. patrick's day because i am of german descent - entirely out of coincidence haha. monday morning - tired again. last night i couldn't get to sleep until 2am! so obviously i did not wake up this morning and run. no way jose, not happening. i did get a lot of activity in on the weekend though. on friday i thought i was going to take a rest day, but after work my boyfriend couldn't meet up with me until around 10 so i killed some time on the treadmill. saturday was absolutely beautiful outside so i went for a run. and then yesterday i walked on the treadmill again.

yesterday i thought it would be a good idea to take care of some more home improvement business, so i painted this tv stand unit and my old desk with two coats of bonding primer. let me tell you, bonding primer is not like regular paint. it is gross and powdery when it dries and it's pretty much impossible to get out of paint brushes, so don't even bother trying... so at least that is done... except after i painted the second coat i let my cat out of the bathroom (where he was locked in to avoid messing stuff up) and he jumped on the top of the tv unit, leaving a trail of cat paw imprints... and then white paw prints all over the floor. gah!!! thank goodness he didn't jump on the couch. i feel mean for locking him in the bathroom while i paint these things, but obviously he is a shifty character and can't be trusted.

i brought my running shoes to work to go for a walk at lunch. it's cold but nice and sunny. tonight is my last night of photoshop, so i had to bring all my food to work.

here is today's menu:
1/4 cup red river cereal (2)
unsweetened almond joy (1)
strawberries (1)

yogurt (1.5)
all bran (1)

chunky chicken noodle soup (3)
english muffin (2)
peas (1)

bread (3)
grapes (1)
peanut butter (1)
jam (1)
banana (2)

exercise: lunchtime promenade


Cara said...

Wow you got a lot done! Makes sense to lock the kitty up when you are painting. Did the kitty ruin all the work you did?

eurydice said...

well i still have to paint it black and then with a sealing finish so i hope he didn't! little jerk haha. next time he's staying in the bathroom until the paint dries... sorry buddy!

Vanessa said...

Hope he didn't ruin your paint job! I'm wearing a green shirt today, but it's totally not a coincidence :).

Bi0nicw0man said...

I don't seem to own anything green!

Our dog helped us know, by getting his tail too close to the paint pail. :)

My cat is a chicken and hid himself in the bathroom. haha.

Shirls said...

great work on all the extra gym time!

I use to lock up my cats when painting too, until I realized that they hate the smell big time so they stay away anyway, thankfully, jumping and walking around on stuff after, uggh I hope it all came out