Thursday, June 7, 2007

Wings and Menu

Last night my boyfriend and I had a sports night. We both aren't really into sports but like to pretend we are, so we watched a few minutes of hockey - and ate wings. Sports nights are an excuse to eat wings. I found a brand that is pretty much 1 point per wing.


I am not going to the gym today (gasp!) because my bf slept over and because tonight I am going to the Keg Mansion (YES!) with some of my girlfriends. I am trying to eat super low point all day so I can splurge tonight.

Breakfast: chocolate chip banana bran muffin (1)

Snack: lemon meringue yogurt (1)

Lunch: I have to go to the Dominion across the street and see what's up. Maybe soup, or tuna. Or, I've seen these cute little mini pitas that I want to try but probably not today.

Dinner: Keg Mansion and all of it's delights.