Thursday, June 14, 2007


I am feeling really stressed out. This weekend (on Sunday) is my 26th birthday. I am not feeling stressed about the age or birthday haha. On Saturday I'm having a party and I'm stressed about that. There is always just too much to do. AND my vacuum has been at Sears being "repaired" for almost a month and my floors are DISGUSTING so I'm embarassed and don't know what I should do. Also, on Friday it is my 6 month anniversary with the bf. We are going to the island to celebrate our happy romance and I am planning a picnic dinner. That isn't stressful, but knowing that I have to have everything ready before work tomorrow is! I am thinking some mini-pitas, hummus, some veggies/fruits, and cold cuts. Today at lunch I have to renew my health card as it expires on my birthday - how annoying! It's at Bay and College so it's a bit of a trek... hopefully there won't be a line up and I can make it there and back in my lunch hour. I am looking forward to the weekend because it's all about me me me but I'll be happy to relax when it's over. :o)

Even though my weigh-in is tomorrow morning I weighed myself this morning and was up 1.8 pounds. Damn it to hell. :o( I did eat late last night so I'm trying to make wise choices today. Lots of water, no packaged meals (sodium=bad) and... that's about it.

Here is my menu today:

oatmeal: 2

all-bran bar: 2

can of tuna (mmmm sounds appetizing haha): 3
spinach: 0
dressing 1
yogurt: 1 peach flavour

another yogurt but a big one (2) fat free banana mmmm

gardenburger with bun (3)
green beans (0)

Def. some booze as well. And probable some special k with soymilk (3) later on.


Sara said...

Well your weekend sounds like it will be a blast! We were just at the Island a couple of weeks ago - we had a ton of fun. The picnic menu sounds great!

I hope you didn't have to wait too long for your health card - I know the lines there can be insane!

marie said...

don't stress about being up. scales are funny (as i have proved in the last two weeks).

and your plans for the weekend sound awesome! so jealous.