Monday, June 18, 2007


One of my birthday gifts was a Braun hand held blender thing-y, so now I am going to use it every day. I have always wanted one. This morning I made a smoothie out of a container of fat free banana yogurt, some strawberries, and some ice. I was pressed for time or I'm sure I could have come up with more interesting ingredients. Tonight I am going to make mashed cauliflower. Or maybe i'll mix potatoes and cauliflower and see how that turns out.

pre-gym: smoothie (2)
post-gym: oatmeal (2)

michelina's rice bowl (6)
diet cranberry bev. (0)

rice cake (1)
orange (1)

Dinner: Not sure but maybe some fish and mashed something. I want to mash everything.

1 comment:

marie said...

i got one of those as a gift once upon a time...i rarely use it now. i like my old school blender better.

smoothies do sound yummy though. glad you had a great bday :)