Friday, June 15, 2007

Friday Friday Friday

Friday = weigh-in day. I gained 0.4 which is basically nothing. I don't know why I gained because I definitely stayed within my points... but I did only make it to the gym three times, one of which was this morning after weighing in. So it goes.

In general, I am pretty happy with my weight. I would really like to lose 6-8 more pounds but that may never happen. I am about 4 pounds heavier than the lowest weight ww recommends for my height (5'6"), although I have a very small frame. I don't *need* to lose weight but it would make me more confident... I have been going to the gym consistently for at least a year now, and I am pretty muscular although my stomach needs more toning. I will probably never have a flat stomach, or a pack of abs or whatever that's called, but as it stands I would not feel comfortable wearing a two-piece bathing suit, and I want that to change. My mom says it's better not to have a superflat stomach. She says that if your stomach is too flat and tight, then when you have kids your skin will stretch out and be super loose... I guess similar to losing a lot of weight. And I like a feminine look - curves never hurt anyone. Sometimes I think my arms are a little too buff and it bothers me a bit. ANYWAY. Ramble ramble.

I brought a feast with me to work today to take to the island.

I have:

cauliflower, carrots and baby tomatos
garlic hummus dip
mini whole wheat pita
fat free chicken breast slices
roast beef slices
a bar of mozzarella cheese
a berry medley including blackberries, blueberries, and raspberries

The vacuum crisis has been averted. My mom said I should just buy a new vacuum and use it before and after the party, and she'll pay for it, and then take it later, because her office needs a new vacuum anyway. I went to Canadian Tire yesterday after work and got a nice upright bagless one for $75 on sale from $99. Pretty good. I haven't done any vacuuming yet but I plan on it tonight... actually probably tomorrow.

Here is todays menu:

chocobran (2)
oatmeal (2)

spinach (0)
dressing (1)
tuna (2)
tomatos (0)
yogurt (2)
raspberries (0)

And the rest of the points - see above! :o) Happy weekending!


marie said...

please do not take this the wrong way...

124 is the lowest for our height (i'm 5'6 too) and if you say you're only 4lbs heavier than the lowest thought is that you should REALLY be on maintenance and not trying to lose anymore.

I have weight in my legs and tummy that I'm never going to lose; that's life. I was wearing plus sized clothes at the age of 13 and that's something that my body is going to cling to and remember and never going to give me a flat stomach as a result.

Please don't get hung up on numbers on a scale or images in a magazine. instead relish the feeling of a good workout, the fulfillment of a healthy meal and the enjoyment of well rounded life.

eurydice said...

I won't take it the wrong way, no worries :o)

But I do know my own body and when and how I feel my best. I guess it's different for everyone. I would never do anything drastic to achieve a certain image, especially an unobtainable one. So, I'm going to keep following the program and see what happens. I usually gain and lose the same amount every couple of weeks anyway, so I think my body likes being where it is now.

I have never had that much weight to lose. I've lost about 35 pounds total on weight watchers in the past 2 years, so I don't think that is affecting the shape of my body.

And I do see improvements all the time just by continuing to work out and eat well, so I'm on the right track... I hope!

Sara said...

The way I see flat tummies is that it is more genetic than anything - either genetic to have a flat one or genetic to have a six pack. My best friend is the six pack girl - she can get one in a couple of weeks flat when she wants to but when she doesn't even she doesn't have a perfectly flat stomach. Try to lose the last few pounds by sticking to the program - if they don't come off without a cut in points then maybe your body is happiest now, if they do come off then your body is okay with the loss.

But anyways, your picnic menu sounds great - I hope you have a great anniversary celebration and I hope you have a very happy happy birthday tomorrow (I'm never on on the weekends!). I look forward to reading all about it on Monday!