Friday, June 22, 2007

Did I Forget To Post Yesterday?

What is coming over me? I had to apply for a passport and get an emissions test, so maybe I was just busy?

Here is yesterday's menu:

Breakfast: chocobran (2)
shreddies (2)

Snack: grapes (1)
all-bran bar (2)

Lunch: michelina's frozen something or other (4)
2 slices caraway rye bread (2)

Snack: chocobran (2)
raspberries (1)

Post-gym: fruit squiggle (1)
wine (2)
almonds (2)
cadbury thin (2)

Not the healthiest of all days. I wanted more gardenburgers so I went to No Frills after my emissions test. I know Loblaws carries them and I thought that Loblaws and No Frills were the same company because they both carry PC products. But they weren't there! So I did some shopping and THEN went to the Loblaws. They had 2 boxes of gardenburgers and I bought them both. I would have bought more if they had them. I love veggieburgers - and you can't go wrong for ONE point.

I weighed-in today and lost 0.8 whoohoo! Go me!

Here is today's menu:

Pre-swimming: smoothie made from light silk soy beverage, chocolate yogurt, blueberries and strawberries (2)

1 cup cheerios (2)
1 cup light silk soy bev. (1)
berries (0)

ww bun (2)
gardenburger (1)
veggies w/cheese sauce (1)

all bran bites (2)
lemon yogurt (1)
apple (1)

Dinner: Not sure yet. Maybe another veg. burger. I LOVE veggieburgers!

I also bought this kind but have never tried them before - 2 points each.

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