Monday, June 4, 2007

Good Morning Monday

I had a very nice weekend and managed to stay on plan (for the most part). I went to a bring-your-own-meat bbq on Saturday and had 2 veggie burgers (2 points each) on weight watchers buns (2 points each) and grilled red pepper and zucchini.... yum. I tried a new kind of veggie burger and was really impressed.

It's the Amy's Texas veggie burgers. They bbq'd pretty well and tasted really good. I'd definitely eat them again. And I will because they come in a box of four and I only had two. One is probably enough for a regular dinner.

Here is today's menu:

Pre-gym: 2 slices ww bread with butter spray (1)
4 almonds (0.5)

Breakfast: coffee (0)
apple cinnamon oatmeal (2)
8 blueberries (0)
3 strawberries (0)

Snack: yogurt (1)

Lunch: 2 slices rye bread (2)
Leftover turkey salsa sloppy joe mix (2)

Snack: more yogurt maybe (1) or quaker crunchems (2)

Dinner: whole wheat spaghetti (4)
chicken breast (2)
tomato sauce (0)
parmesan cheese (1)

Snack: popcorn (3) - or something.

Activity: gym this morning - 4 points

Tonight there is a free Hawksley Workman concert at the Harbourfront Centre and I'm going - exciting!

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