Wednesday, June 13, 2007

I Love the Gym

I love the gym. I didn't go on Monday, or Tuesday morning because I wasn't feeling so hot. But I went for a 70 length swim last night, and this morning pumped it up on the elliptical and ran on the treadmill. It felt great! I am wearing white pants today and feel very summery. Yipppppepeeeeee!

Pre-gym: 1/2 chocobran (1)

I made more chocobrans last night - except I messed up the recipe, so each one of my muffins is 2 points. Normally I would make 1/2 recipe because I (as a single person) do not need 24 chocolate muffins hanging around. But I forgot to halve the cocoa and water and all-bran and baking powder... They still taste delicious though. :o)

Breakfast: shreddies (2)
berries (0)
light silk soy (1)

knorr potato and veg. soup (1)
2 slices pumpernickel (2)

raw cauliflower and carrots (0)
fat free sour cream dip (1)
all-bran bites (2)

Dinner: I haven't decided yet, but probably something like:
chicken breast (2)
bun (2)
steamed veggies (0)
maybe some hungrygirlfredo again (1)

And then since I have an abundance of points, maybe a cookie from the bakery, or a starbucks light frap or popcorn or cereal. I like to snack at night so I like to save a few points for munching.


Sara said...

70 lengths - wowsa - even in my prime I could never do that! You must be a swimmer!

marie said...

i will NEVER be able to wear white pants. you're my hero.