Friday, September 28, 2007

friday woohoo!

i have to say, i wasn't that impressed with grey's last night. the only thing that hooked me into wanting to watch next week's episode was the very end. i just am not *that* into tv anymore. and new shows? forget about it! who has time? and i like to spend my free time reading. i am almost finished "a thousand splendid suns" by khaled hosseini. he also wrote "the kite runner" which was out of this world, if you haven't read it.

everybody's talking about the scotiabank marathon this weekend. well, not me! although this morning i finished day one of week two of the couch to 5k running podcasts. i def. prefer running in the evenings when i'm a loosey goosey, but the morning is just so convenient and it's nice to have it out of the way.

anyway, this weekend i'm talking about a little trip to the island tonight... hopefully. we didn't get to go on wednesday due to rain. tomorrow is the clothing show - but i think we are going to skip it. tomorrow night is a) my boyfriend's band playing steamwhistle indie club, live at the edge 102.1 studio on yonge st. and nuit blanche all night long. sunday is the word on the street - i will be working at my company's booth of course. word on the street is a super rad event - anyone living in the city should check it out. and that's the weekend - busy!

last night i had thai food - but i wasn't that impressed with the selection. i am funny about noodles - those weird, glassy, crunchy noodles remind me of worms and i just can't do it. so i avoided the pad thai and got "oodles of noodles chicken" which was advertised as yellow noodles. i thought they would be like chinese chow main noodles but they weren't! they were so fat and wormy! they tasted alright but i didn't eat very much. i guess that's ok because i am having leftover enchiladas for lunch today. i love leftovers!

oatmeal (2)
yogurt (1)

chicken enchilada (3)
refried beans (2)
mexican rice (2)

of course that's estimating...

dinner: no idea.


marie said...

i'm DEFINITELY checking out word on the street...after i finish the scotia half...muahahahha!

keep up the running, kiddo!

Sara said...

Okay do you work at Random House? You work close to Dominion and St. Lawrence, you'll be working Word on the Street. My aunt works there if you do (Sheila Kay). It would be a real small world.

Speaking of Scotia, the timing pisses me off b/c I'll totally be missing out on Nuit Blanche. And congrats to your bf for the indie show - that is amazing!!!