Tuesday, September 4, 2007

weight woes

happy tuesday and september everyone! after a lovely 4-day holiday, i am back at work. i am also 3.6 pounds heavier than last week which is a bit disconcerting, but not that bad if i tcb (take care of business) right away. i did eat a lot of bbq on the weekend, and just sit around, and drink a lot of alcohol, and ate right before bed last night, so it's probably to be expected. i'm just going to take it in stride because it's not a huge deal. as long as i try not to snack unnecessarily between meals or late at night, i should be alright. i went to the gym yesterday which was nice. i'm only aiming for 3 times a week these days. anything more and i find i become obsessive about it, like trying to go every morning before work. i wanted to go this morning, but i was up before my alarm with horrible allergies. i walked to the shoppers by my house because i thought it opened at 7am, but it didn't open until 8am, so feeling rejected, i just went home and back to bed until 8. thankfully i now have reactine in me and my eyes aren't red, itchy blobs anymore.

here is today's menu:

peach (1)
oatmeal (3)

pc blue menu veg. lasagna (6)

2 rye crackers (1)
peanut butter (1)

i'm going out for dinner, possibly to the rivoli. not sure what i will have yet!

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