Thursday, September 13, 2007


i didn't go to whole foods and i'm not going tonight either. well, i'm probably not going tonight. instead i'm going to the nine west shoe outlet. it's way up north on dufferin. my car is out of the shop so i'm free to drive wherever i want to go - maybe i'll even drive to the whole foods after. maybe. probably not.

i'm feeling pretty low this week. my bf is really busy and i feel like i don't have enough people to hang out with. i'm starting this "learn-to-run" class at my gym next week, so maybe i'll meet some nice people there. it's hard to meet people who don't end up talking about you behind your back or just being plain do-dos in general. anyhoo. i've dropped all my weight from last weekend. that wasn't too hard :)


shreddies and milk, tiny amount to ward off vitamin nausea (1)
oatmeal (2)
strawberries (0)

chef boyardee mac and cheese (3)
2 slices ww bread (1)
1 slice mozza cheese (1)

2 rye crackers (1)
yogurt (1)

dinner: i don't know. i have to go shopping for vegetables.

i wish my veggies wore accessories too.

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marie said...

where are you doing the learn-to-run? i think it's awesome :) i've met loads of cool people in my running clinics. i'm sure you'll love it!

jealous about the shoes though. i did find a nice pair of nine west heels at winners a couple of weeks ago for half the price and thought i had scored but apparently you'll be doing much better than me! :P no fair!!!! :)