Wednesday, September 19, 2007


i've always hated the phrase "humpday." not sure why. i don't like the word "hump" either. anyhoo. this morning i went on #2 of week #1 couch to 5k run. i did it outside, which was harder but much more interesting. i planned the route pretty well and made it back to my house right on time! then i rode to work. tonight i am going to the gym. this might seem like a lot of exercise but it's not really. i couldn't just do the couch to 5k on its own and feel like that was enough for me. i have got to do a lot of exercise to maintain my current weight. for awhile this really irritated me, but it's something i can't change so i better just accept it. anyway i like exercise, i like feeling strong and healthy, so it's something i've got to keep up.

here is today's menu:

bread w/ peanut butter (1)
bran cereal (2)
light silk soy (1)
peach (0.5)

lean cuisine (5)

dad's cookies (3)
apple (1)

wow these points add up fast!

dinner - not sure. maybe a big fat salad.

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