Thursday, September 27, 2007

big fatty fatterson

there is too much going out to eat in my world. last night the bf and i ordered swiss chalet online. we got messy chicken sandwiches but they forgot the gravy! that's like going to an amusement park with no rides! luckily i had an extra swiss chalet gravy powder in my cupboard but still - that is not the point. i wrote them a message this morning so hopefully something will come of it.

tonight i am have a lot of girlfriends over to watch the premiere of grey's anatomy. we are ordering thai food which i had pretty much planned for, but now - surprise - my office is taking the staff to this mexican place for lunch. do i just get a salad? do i get whatever i want and eat until i'm full? do i think about what would be the best and try to eat only 1/2? i really don't know. i have a pretty good idea about calories and fat (for the most part) so i'm just going to make an educated guess when i get there. it's not the end of the world. this weekend i am going to try *extra hard* to watch my portions. i am a fit person, who exercises, so as long as i watch portions i should be able to maintain my weight... apparently!

the good thing is - i am not eating many nuts. in fact, today i had no nuts at all. i had peanut butter, but that isn't like chomping down on an actual nut anyway.

here is today's menu:

whole wheat bagel (4)
PB2 peanut butter (1)

enchiladas maybe - i read on that these were a good option. or a salad. i don't know.

something thai

one things is for sure - i've got to stop dreading eating! i love food - i don't want to dread eating it!

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Wheebs said...

I'm so pumped for Grey's tonight!!! Your menu looks lovely :)