Friday, September 14, 2007

i'm so happy it's friday

my shopping trip last night was pretty successful! i didn't get any work shoes for fall, but they really have a nice collection. AND SO CHEAP. i bought a pair of dark reddish (almost a browny red) pair of heels with a peep hole and strap, patent too. i wouldn't wear them to work because my office is very casual, but i would wear them out and about - they are hot! and best part is, they were regular $115 on sale for $29.99. the bad thing about the shoe outlet is that most of the shoes were size 5 1/2. or 10. but they had stuff in the back and the salesgirls were very helpful. there were a lot of other outlets on the same road - le chateau... some bedding stores, suit stores... etc.

my allergies are acting up even though i took a reactine this morning. i also rode my bike to work - go me!

because i am so happy it's friday - here is a friday five of sorts!

what makes me laugh today:

1) Colin Ferrell spending thousands on a Toronto homeless man let it be known that he took the man to a sporting goods store that is two stores down from my office. i was working away and colin ferrell was in my vicinity.

2) the coach of the leafs is vowing that we'll make the playoffs this year ... when we make the playoffs - maybe i'll start watching hockey!

3) britney calling herself a "fat pig" after her performance. true, maybe she should have covered up a little more, but a fat pig? i don't think so! she's had two kids! and stomach surgery... but that isn't the point.

4) these kitchen gadgets. i want them all. especially the little omlet egg pan thing.

5) ugly christmas sweater parties

enough said. for mousearoo who asked, i am taking a learn to run course at the miles nadal jewish community centre. starts monday - right after the new year!

starbucks latte (2)
2 slices rye toast (2)
2 tbsp PBS peanut butter (1)

lean cuisine (5)
2 slices ww bread (1)

i don't know - but something with veggies since i'm obviously lacking.

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