Tuesday, September 25, 2007


well. i haven't dropped the weekend weight - in fact, i'm up 0.2 today. (which is nothing) but it does mean that today i will have to be extra careful. one of my major problems is that there is a can of mixed nuts in my house - yes! mixed nuts! a few here, a couple there, etc. but not today! no more nuts! i know nuts have "good fats" but they really are too much of a trigger for me. this morning i forgot i didn't have any more light silk soy beverage, so i'm eating dry cereal out of the bag for breakfast. oh boy!

here is today's menu:

coffee (0)
1 cup bran flakes (1)
1/2 cup bran buds (1)
plum (0.5)

raisins (1)

pc blue menu chicken something or other (4)
1 slice rye bread (1)
1 slice ww bread (0.5)

apple (1)
2 rye crackers (1)
carrots (0)

dinner - i don't know yet.

1 comment:

Sara said...

yummy - nothing sounds better than dry cereal in the morning! I had to do the same thing last week too!

Damn those redlight foods. It is even more of a pisser when it is healthy food no? Mine is popcorn, just can't make myself stop, so I'm only allowed it on weekends. Boo! Good luck on your nut-free day!