Friday, March 27, 2009

short friday list

1) weigh in - down 2.8 pounds woohoo! now just 7.2 to go :)

2) i am LOVING my new job. the days go by so fast... i can't believe it

3) for once i didn't eat all the food i brought to work. i couldn't believe it. i just wasn't hungry for everything. i think it's my morning (noon) cottage cheese and berries snack. so filling with carbs and protein.

4) that's it!


Fatinah said...

#4 is a hoot - "that's it"

like being a ROCKSTAR is no big deal!!!

yay you!!

Jen said...

You are so awesome!!! I love that you love your new job!!! AND that you did so awesome on your weigh in!

(Wasn't Spring Awakening the musical they did on the new 90210 show???)

Angie All The Way said...

WOoohooo! You're rocking it! :-)

Sara said...

Wow great first week back loss!!

I'm so happy that you are loving your new job - that is awesome!

Sarah said...