Monday, March 2, 2009

going places

good morning. monday again... back at it. my weekend was good. i went to a few parties, did a little shopping, some sleeping, same old same old. on saturday night i was the designated driver - it was weird not to be partying along with my friends but i really didn't mind it at all. and i learned a few things about myself: a) as a sober person, i don't have too much patience for drunkies, or rather, i notice the silly/stupid things they say and do and b) i didn't have that sad, weekend is over, withdrawal feeling that i usually have on sundays. very interesting. monday was still a jolt but not so bad.

exercise this weekend was good. on saturday i went for a 40-minute swim, and sunday a three mile walk on the treadmill, playing with the incline. three miles is the perfect amount for treadmill walking. it takes quite a while (anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour, depending on speed), it feels like a workout, but it's not boring. i love reading books and magazines while walking on the treadmill.

on sunday i traded in my telus nokia phone (clunker) for a blackberry pearl. ooh la la. my boyfriend is with bell and his contract was up so we went to the bell store. he got a blackberry and then the sales guy offered me a deal i just couldn't refuse. way cheaper than my telus plan, and they are paying for me to cancel out of my telus contract. did you know you can use any song as your blackberry ringtone? at first i had "this boy" by franz ferdinand, but it's loud at the beginning and i was scared every time my phone rang, so i switched it to "will you still love me tomorrow?" by the shirelles. i love oldies and this one is so pleasant.

this morning i put on my bathing suit for a swim and then changed my mind at the last minute because i was really pushing the clock. perhaps i will go tonight, or maybe another walk on the treadmill. or the elliptical. oh, the possibilities are endless. i had a luna sunrise bar for breakfast - the strawberry crumble flavour. it was delicious, very sweet though, and contained a good amount of protein and fibre. i bought it in the united states a few weeks ago and maybe i should have gotten more. has anyone seen these in canada?


Amanda said...

Oh, good luck with Bell! They're evil. Pure evil! I'm actually waiting on a new Pearl (but the flip one) to arrive from Rogers today. I'm getting out of my Bell contract. I have no service in my new apartment and shoddy service everywhere else. But I will say that I never had any problem with them until now.

Anonymous said...

you are too cute. love the phone.

Vanessa said...

Love the phone!

Sometimes it's nice to be the DD :)

Sara said...

I love that phone - so nice!

I hate being DD, it really is a shame I can't drive Justin's car (it's standard);)!

Lex said...

Suretype may take a bit of time to get used to but you'll LOVE BlackBerry! :)

cinemarie said...

Oh, I know how you feel - I'm not an alcohol drinker so I always get to be the 'sober one' amongst the drunkies at all the parties - people can be annoying when they are drunk, indeed ;)

About the Luna bars, there's a ''General Nutrition Center'' at the Sherway Gardens Mall that carries that flavor and some of the american flavors too!! My favorite flavor is still the 'S'mores' one though, nice and chocolate-y :)

Crystal said...

Enjoy the new phone. I have a pearl too and I love it! So many different things you can do on it and playing Brickbreaker is addicting so watch out!

Jen said...

I have a pearl too!!! But mine is pink (of course right??)

I kind of want to trade it in, but I just have issues!!!

I wish I had a place to swim daily...I love it!!

fittingbackin said...

yay - a new BB! It's pretty!