Tuesday, March 3, 2009


this morning for breakfast i tried another luna sunrise bar, this time in vanilla almond. it was good, but not as good as the strawberry. i don't like eating bars all the time like this either, but they are great for eating on the road.

last night i went for a three-mile treadmill walk. it was alright but only because i had some good magazines to read. my bum pain has been acting up a little lately. WHY ME? WHHHHYYYYYYYYY? i guess i just have to accept it. it's no where near as bad as it was so i'm just going to suck it up.

this morning i went for a 40-minute swim. i really debated waiting until tonight but tonight i just want to relax and clean up a little, take care of some business, watch the biggest loser and get to bed early. for the last two weeks in a row i have taped the biggest loser, intending to watch it later and then i never do. instead of catching up on four hours of tv i'm just going to count my losses and start on from this week. i just don't like watching tv that much. well, sometimes i do (more on that tomorrow). if i am not excited about a show then it can be really painful. tv should be enjoyable, not something you feel you have to get through. that's lame.

so last night after work i hit up the mall. oh, the mall. the one great thing about working in the burbs is all of the great suburban mall action. so spacious, so many stores... no one pushing you and crowding you... hardly any lining up for change rooms.

i bought some new boots on aldoshoes.com but they were the wrong size. i am between sizes (8.5) and they didn't have any 9's online so i ordered the 8. too small! i brought them to the dufferin mall downtown and they didn't have any 9's either, but they put a pair on hold for me at sherway gardens. by the way, cinemarie, i did check out the GNR while i was there and saw the luna sunrise bars - thanks! i picked up the right size and they are awesome! check them out... so rock n roll.

after boot exchanging, i wanted to find a simple t-shirt for business purposes. a nice bright colour to go under a blazer. i knew i could find a shirt like this at smart set or H & M but those stores weren't in the mall! bah! i went to the GAP hoping they had plain t-shirts - they did, but they were all v-necked and i only want a round neck. come on, people! i will have to go back out tonight. i did get a scarf at the GAP. it's thin and more for fashion than warmth.

i also went to the pet store to look at the puppies. i don't know how i feel about pet store pets. my cat oliver is from the humane society, but when i was growing up my family bought a bichon frise puppy from a pet store in the mall. these puppies need homes too, and there were so many cutiepies. if i were to ever get a dog, i would buy one from a breeder or the humane society, but that doesn't mean i can't appreciate the supreme cuteness of puppies in the pet store. like this chow puppy! (blackberry photo hehe)


Amanda said...

Oh, puppy! I feel terrible for the pet store pets all stuffed up in those glass boxes. My parents' Jack Russell came from PJs, but if I ever got one I would definitely go to a breeder or THS.

Lainey said...

My cats are from a pet store, and it seems to me that they have more health problems than pets that we got from private homes in the past. But I don't know if that has anything to do with the fact that they're from a pet store or not.

Randi said...

I get angry when people PAY for pets. I know that some people really are stuck on a breed or something. But if they haven't even checked out the humane society it's ridiculous. I agree that pet store puppies don't have it easy either, living in a little cage. But I don't think they're at risk of being killed if they don't sell in 1 week. (they probably just go on sale, how demoralizing!) Plus if you support stores that sell puppies like that, then they'll keep doing it. Also, I heard horrible things about puppy mills and people over-breeding young dogs and making a profit. So I only want free dogs (well I'll pay for medical expenses and whatever SPCA fees).

There, I'll get off my soapbox now.

Sarah said...

I'm totally a humane society person (as in that's where I get my pets!). For some reason I feel that since pet stores and breeders are actually selling the animals (as in - that's actually their business) and the business of the humane society is simply to help/save animals, I figure the pet store/breeder pets have a better chance of finding an owner, since there are people banking on this.

My cat is a perfect example - one of the big reasons I picked him was because the woman at the humane society told me he had been there the longest, and would most likely be put down within a couple of weeks since he hadn't found an owner yet.

I saved his life!! That was a great feeling.

Julie said...

I'd also never get a dog from a pet store because apparently many of those dogs come from puppy mills and I don't want to support that. However, they are of course just as deserving of good homes. I guess this is why it's simultaneously heart-warming and a little sad to see pet store animals.

LOVE the boots.

Shannon said...

that puppy is so so so so so cute. i want to go rescue him. i hate pet stores.:(

cinemarie said...

You're very welcome! I love that mall, we go there all the time - it's much busier on the weekend though, can be just as frustrating as anywhere downtown...! :)

We have 3 cats that we also picked up from the SPCA. I wouldn't get one from the pet store either - this puppy is super cute! And that's a pretty good 'phone' photo, impressive! :)

Shannon said...

oh and by the way, LOVE the boots, they are totally you.

fittingbackin said...

oooooh that pupper is SO FREAKING CUTE! And so are the boots, and fun-not-functional scarf! Yay! haha I know what you mean... i've gotten SUPER behind on Lost - oh no! :(

Lex said...

OMG I feel TERRIBLE when I see those pups in the pet stores... soooo many of them are from puppy/kitty mills. I think it's terrible what people do for an extra dime, at the puppy's expense.
I would much rather rescue a dog/puppy than get one from the petstore, but if I could i'd love to take all of those pets and make sure they all went to fabulous homes.

Jen said...

YAY!! I got to go to the mall yesterday as well!!! SO much fun!! One of the joys of working downtown!!!

Those boots are CRAZY super cute!!! And I HATE v-neck shirts!!! seriously!!! I find that a lot of places only have v-necks as well!!!

I got both of my cats from the pet store - yes, I know, I should have rescued them...but the first one was an impulse buy (you can't help who you fell in love with) and the second one, I was going to get more supplies to get another cat from someone but I fell in love with the kitty who is now Nico!!! Charlie (our dog) we rescued and I love him to death!!! When we picked him up he was on a farm with a bunch of other dogs and I wanted ALL of them!! He was such a fluffy little puppy and his sister was cute too (and his mom) and I loved them all!!! But Charlie was all cute and shy -- until he got home...then he was like ha ha, fooled you, I am a devil dog!!!

Um...that was really long...sorry!

carla said...

and Im an adopt a dog Gurl.
I cant even look at their sadsad puppy eyes in the store.