Monday, March 23, 2009

out of control

i am feeling out of control. again. again again again! again? seriously? i told myself at the beginning of the year that i would stop weighing myself every friday. i stopped because that weigh in could make or break the day and that's stupid. if i was within my maintenance range i was happy, and if i had gained i was angry at myself with poor self-esteem. so no more. so this year i said i would weigh myself once per month, at the beginning of each month ... so i weighed in at the beginning of february and haven't since!

and i've got to be honest here. i haven't weighed in because i don't want to see the number on the scale. my clothes still fit pretty much, although i can tell my pants are tighter. when i look at myself nude in the bathroom mirror i can see definite changes in my body shape and not good ones. flabby tummy, saggy bum, the pooch coming back, etc. i am an "apple" shape and gain weight in my midsection right away. i have narrow hips so any gain in the middle gives me an unflattering boy-shaped figure. not cool.

but i'm not going to dwell on it. boo hoo poor me. i'm going to take action and here is my plan. yes people, another plan.

1) i am going to track my food intake on wwonline again. i am still a member and was not using it out of sheer laziness. since i have to be at work early, i can fix my meals the night before and use that to track, saving anywhere from 5-10 points for dinner, depending on workouts and flexpoints, etc. here is tomorrow's plan - i am having the oatbran with flax and berries for morning snack, and the pb larabar for an afternoon snack. oh, and my lunch is tuna mixed with plan nonfat yogurt over a salad. try it instead of mayo - i like it :)

2) vegetables are my friend. see the above menu for an example.

3) plan workouts in advance. this week i'm going to swim AFTER work monday, tuesday, possibly thursday, and saturday. i'm going to do yoga on wednesday and friday morning, and i'm going to do weight training in the office at lunch on friday. maybe before that but i have to finish my book club book this week before thursday.

4) not be tempted by others. it's ok to say no, or not drink wine while others are (wah), etc. i think planning is key here.

5) i think during the week i'd like to go for small meals more times per day, and especially a small dinner. i am one of those people who would save up 1/2 her points for a bigger dinner, and be ravenous all day. i hate feeling hungry so no more.

i think that's about it for now. does anyone have any motivational tips for me?


Bi0nicw0man said...

Girl, I'm right there with you. I lost my track this last week and need to find it back. I was so pleased with my success pre-vacay and now I can see my bum loosening up (ew that sounds gross..hehe) and my belly is softening. Booooo to that.

My motivational comment is always "one day at a time". Your plan looks fab and easy to do, so get through today and then worry about tomorrow.


Sarah said...

You inspired me... lol. I read your post, said "yup that's me!"... to scared to weigh in!

So I logged my food in WW online today.. which I haven't done in months!!!

We'll see if it sticks, I know it worked wonders back in December!

Fatinah said...

I have been tracking like crazy - tracking myself gaining over 10 lbs!!!! I plan my workouts with great detail and follow them almost to the letter. BUT none of that matters when the food I'm writting down is over my allotment. for me it is all about the food. I could have written your post today....right down to noticing changes in my body.....I have actually been toying with signing up with WW online to check out the new any sounds like you have a great plan to move forward. I can't wait to read about your success!

tash said...

I'm trying to get back on track too. You seem like you have an excellent plan in place - good luck!

Julie said...

I found myself relating to just about everything you said here, especially about how the scale can dictate your mood. I often dread using it for that very reason.

That's a very reasonable, workable plan you've come up with.