Monday, March 9, 2009

faster than i thought

i really slept horribly last night. it was SO WINDY outside and all i heard was crazy winds, things bumping around, smashing, crashing... loud loud loud. eventually i turned on this loud fan i have, put in earplugs and put on an eye mask to try and drown everything out. it sort of worked but it was a rude rude awakening this morning.

for some reason my bum pain is really bad today. so bad that i'm walking with a limp again. :( i hate limping! each step is painful. there really isn't anything i can do about it either, except not move too fast or make any sudden movements. maybe later i will sit on a heating pad.

i went for a 40-minute swim this morning and timed myself. i used to do 120 lengths in 40 minutes... but now it only takes me 31 minutes! this is good news and bad news. good because i'm getting faster and improving, but bad because the lazy side of me has to do more work. it's weird, the more fit you become or the more weight you lose, the harder you have to work to keep the same momentum going. activities become easier and you have to be consciously aware of pushing yourself harder and harder. so i did 150 lengths today. it wasn't that bad after i realized i still had time left. 150 lengths of my pool is about 2250 metres or 2 and a bit km. that's pretty far for swimming. if i'm averaging 20 minutes per kilometre that's amazing... i'm surprising myself!

a long time ago i ordered windsor pilates not realizing that (in the fine print) they'd be sending me two more videos a month for the rest of my life and charging me for them. i don't need more than a few videos - thank you very much! last month i sent the package back with a tracking number, but the "recipient" has asked that the item stay on hold at the postal facility. what is up with that? scam! anyway i phoned the head office today and got it sorted out. note to self: do more pilates and read the fine print.

today i am taking care of business. i have to go to my new job and pick up some reading materials, and do things around the house like wash my sheets, do laundry, and get my cat ready to stay with my dad while i am in winnipeg.


Sarah said...

that is fantastic about your swimming progress!!

I wish I had a pool at my gym... swimming is such good exercise, and so much fun!

Vanessa said...

Wait wait're coming to Winnipeg?

Randi said...

what did your doctor say about your bum pain? Have you thought about physical therapy (maybe once you get health benefits at your new job?) Hopefully this isn't something you just have to live with for the rest of your life! (sciatica right? I have that too, but it rarely flares up when I take care of myself)

you are a fast swimmer. good work.

Vanessa said...

Oh geez, you posted about it but I only read up to the part where you said you had a new job. Boo me!

If you have time we should do coffee while you're here =)

Sara said...

Congrats on the swimming progress - that is amazing!

Angie All The Way said...

what a rip!

great work on the swimming! It's great that you have an exercise like that to do when your bum pain flares up. Without my heating pad I don't know where I'd be!

Jen said...

I am so so so excited for you!!! Lots to do before starting the fabulous new job!!

Sorry to hear about the bum pain!!!

Fatinah said...

wow - you're an awesome swimmer!! I hope to get myself to where you are someday!

Lex said...

Hearing about your swimming success makes me miss my pool at my old apartment.
We barrrrrrrrely used it, but reading a post like this would totally get me into the mood to go swim a few laps cuz it was a great pool.
I think it's awesome the time you shedded off your laps, and holy moly 2+km is awesome!!

fittingbackin said...

Boo - sorry your sleep sucked + butt pain! No fun!! However, that's awesome that your swimming is going so well! And good for you for being so cognizant of your exercise getting easier for you... sometimes I worry I don't push myself enough!