Friday, March 6, 2009

f f f friiiidaaayyyyy

bonjour - it's friday! i have today off as well - lucky i know. first things first, head on over to diary of a real girl to see my guest post on her fashion friday segment. thanks again for asking me - i had fun writing it!

this morning i got up, did 20 minutes of hatha yoga (very relaxing), ate breakfast and then went downstairs for a 40-minute swim. lately when i swim and do front crawl, or freestyle as some people like to call it, i've been trying to breathe on every third stroke, instead of every second. this means that i have to do it on my left side too, which is a little awkward. i'm hoping that with practice it will become more natural. i want my movements to be as even as possible since i'm doing them so much.

i am meeting a girlfriend for lunch at an indian/nepalese restaurant. i can't wait. it's right near my boyfriend's apartment so i am going to walk there, and then just go over to his place after. i love indian/thai/spicy/ethnic food but not many of my friends do so i never get to go and it's very sad.

here are two recipes that i'm really digging lately. they can be eaten any time of day.

1) open-faced spicy avocado egg toast.

1 slice whole-wheat bread, toasted
1/4 cup liquid egg whites
1/4 big avocado or 1/3 smaller one
hot sauce

directions: toast the bread. measure out the egg whites and microwave in a small ice cream bowl for 48 seconds. that is how long it takes on my microwave to make a nice patty that isn't dried out. while this is happening, mash the avocado. spread it on the toast. scoop the egg white patty out of the bowl and place on the avocado toast. sprinkle with hot sauce - mine is chili lime flavoured. delicious!

2) vanilla yogurt grapes

0% plain yogurt - as much as you want - i usually go for 1/2 cup
sweetener - like splenda or whatever
vanilla - about 1 teaspoon
milk - skim or almond or soy, whatever, maybe 1/2 cup or less if you want a thick yogurt

directions: get out a big mug. it's more fun to eat this from a mug. plop in the yogurt, milk, vanilla, sweetener to taste. stir until it becomes a liquid. drop in as many grapes as you want. i like to fill it up so all the grapes are covered in the yogurt liquid. enjoy the yogurty grapes with a spoon. this tastes like a dessert but is very nutritious.

happy weekend!


Sarah said...

I love avocados so I will have to try that egg sandwich!!

And I'm in the same boat with spicy/ethnic food. I love it, but have limited friends (local anyways) that love it too!

Vanessa said...

I think almost everything is more fun to eat out of a mug. :P

Sara said...

The open face sand looks so amazing.

I breathe every 3rd stroke when I freestyle, I find that it is an equal workout on my arms plus it is a more calming way to swim I find. But I do incorporate one sided as well (on both sides) b/c in open water you never know about waves!

Jen said...

I am so excited that you did that post!!! i absolutely adore it! AND I learned some awesome tips!!! What more could I ask for???

I am SO goign to try those recipes!! I have been eating grapes and yogurt for an afternoon snack, and this sounds like a yummy way to jazz it up!!!