Friday, February 27, 2009

hair day

i am not working today. what a beautiful day, even though it's raining. later this afternoon, i am getting my hair "did". now that i have short blond hair i have to get it done about every 1.3 months. every time i'm feeling a little rough looking i check my outbox to see when the last time i scheduled a hair appointment was, and lo and behold, it's always between 1.3 and 1.5 months. i am trying to grow it but it's hard. two hairdos ago it kept breaking, so last time i had highlites and lolites, and this time... who knows? it's expensive too. i just don't know what to do. do i go back dark or keep it light? i love the way it looks both ways, just when i go dark again i know i will keep it that way for a long time.

here is my exercise update:

yesterday afternoon i tried the 25 minute power yoga #3, from it was powerful! after doing sun salutations, then warrior 1, warrior 2 and reverse warrior, my legs were shaking like mad, especially during my last downward dog. i was sweating!

last night i decided to head down to the condo gym and pump a little iron. when i got there i saw that some nice girl had dropped off all her celebrity magazines from february (what!?) and so i took a few onto the treadmill for some juicy reading and a 3-mile walk. i just couldn't resist. i can't justify spending money on those magazines when there is so much awesome celeb gossip online for free, so it was a treat. i like to spend my money on things that can give me pleasure over and over again, like shoes and clothes. after my walk i used some free weights. i read somewhere that one of the exercises jessica biel does to get those ripped arms is holding free weights, and lifting her arms straight in front of her, moving up and down with a series of five circles. five circles up, five circles down.

this morning i did a relaxing 20-minute yoga download, hatha #1. i think this is my favourite one for just relaxing. i like jackie's voice the best, especially when she says, "let go of your day, let go of your agenda." she really draws out the words and i feel so dreamy. i also went for a swim this morning, but i was feeling a bit shaky by the end, so i stopped after 100 lengths, instead of doing my usual 120.

today i'm just going to clean things and go for my hair appointment. happy weekend.


Haley said...

I know what you mean about the hair conundrum -- I used to have really short hair and sometimes I think about going back to that, but then I think of how long it took for me to grow it out and I get gun-shy...

Good thing you look cute either way! :)

Anne said...

Hi :)

Where do you download your yoga videos? Is it podcast or video?


Jen said...

It feels like I am ALWAYS at the hair salon! Seriously!!
Now I am lightening up a little again and I have to go even more often because I am trying to get rid of the red...but yeah, I love long hair on me and I love short hair on me...hard to choose!!!

And as for you - I like you long and dark and I like you short and platinum!! SERIOUSLY!! Hard to choose!!

I didn't like Jackie's voice when I FIRST started my download with her...but then I got used to it and it was great!!

Crystal said...

I've only had really short hair once back in high school and I remember all those trips to the salon. Short hair sure requires extra attention doesn't it! If you love, then stick with it girl.

So the yoga is good at this websight? I want to try and incorporate some yoga but not sure if I should buy a dvd or what. There's so many choices out there.