Thursday, February 19, 2009

always the way, always the way

so get this:

close to the beginning of january i went to a wedding. it was about an hour's drive so my bf and i decided to stay in a hotel in town. really small town... kind of dingy, you get the gist. anyhoo, before the wedding i was charging the battery to my digital camera and the only available outlet was behind one of the bedside tables. OF COURSE i forgot it in the hotel room, d'oh. i phoned the hotel to ask if they found it and they told me to phone back when the main maid was working because only she had access to the lost and found box. it is locked with a key. ooooh. so i did and lo and behold, they did find the charger. amazing! i ask her, "can someone at the hotel please mail it back to me?" she said, "no problem" and i thought, great. couldn't get any easier than this. except that was over a month ago and my charger still didn't arrive. i called the hotel after about 3 1/2 weeks to ask if they mailed it, what's up, gimme the scoop, and they told me (with a giggle) that the mail is REALLY slow in their slow poky town and that it's just moving along. i find this a little hard to believe... canada post is canada post. it's not moving by a postman on horseback, is it?

so i continue to wait and wait and wait and finally decided, enough is enough! they probably threw it in the garbage and laughed all the way to the 711. so i bought one on ebay. i couldn't buy the canon exact brand because it was $80 and that's ridiculous, so i bought a general no name charger that works with my camera for $10 and $5 shipping. great. except the VERY DAY I BUY IT WHAT COMES IN THE MAIL? the charger!!! what in the world? isn't that always the way? the very day! it turns out they got one letter of my postal code wrong and that's why it took so long. i guess the mail isn't slow in that town but the staff at the howard johnson are... zing! i'm more bemused by the whole ordeal than mad... i mean, the new charger didn't cost that much and now i can charge my batteries wherever i want, whenever i want. in the car, in the bathroom, at work, etc. oh boy.

in other news, i think i am getting sick. my throat was hurting last night although it doesn't feel too shabby right now. i took a cold fx last night and this morning, even though i sort of believe they are placebos. if i am getting sick, it really explains the laziness and lethargy i've been feeling this week. i just have no energy. this morning i didn't swim but i did do a 20-minute hatha yoga (#1 - our fav) and it felt amazing. my cat likes to rub me with his body while i am trying to be serene.

tonight i am going to the movies with my best girlfriend to see shopaholic. can't wait! i am going to get a sub from subway and sneak it into the movies. i love contraband food.


Vanessa said...

At the resort I worked at over the summer the nearest post office was 30 minutes away, so the mail only went out like once a week when someone could drive it to the post office, haha. Still, pretty stupid that they got your postal code wrong. Don't people double check these things?

Have fun at the movies!

Randi said...

Well it's good news that you have 2 chargers now. that's always handy.

ColdFX is mostly ginseng, which is supposed to be an energy booster, so I can sort of see how it would work, maybe give some energy to your white blood cells? Plus it would make you feel better by just giving you more energy. Who knows.

Anonymous said...

That story sounds like someting that would happen to me - I have the worst luck!

Enjoy the movie!

Bi0nicw0man said...

Girl, that is soooooo something that would happen to me. I am the queen of Murphy's Law. Glad you did get it back though...slow or shows that they were true to their word.

My cat totally does the same thing while I'm yoga-ing (yes, that's my word). So funny!

P.O.M. said...

Ah - well 2 charges are better than one. I leave one at work and one at home.

Eeks - hope you don't get sick. Vit. C!!!!!

Shirls said...

your too cute with your contraband food! LOL

I hope the feeling sick thingm, passes and fast and when I was reading about the time it took for the small town mail, I was stunned, it took ONLY 5 weeks for a postcard I sent to arrive from Mexico after all, small town seems like it would be waaaayyy faster ;0)

fittingbackin said...

Zing, indeed! Oh no - don't get sick! (as though you have a choice! Sorry... :)) I love contraband food too - have fun at the movies and i'll keep my fingers crossed that you and your two chargers feel better tomorrow!

Lex said...

Omygosh, I totaaaaaally have the same luck as you, but like Randi said, now you have 2... and I've definitely found that 2 can come in handy!!!!

Definitely post your thoughts about shopaholic!!!

Anonymous said...

I saw the movie over the weekend and laughed my ass off. I don't know why it was so funny but it was! I had pretty low expectations too, since I adored the book! But Isla Fisher can pull off dorky-ditzy humor very well. I hope you like it :)

Jen said...

BOO to getting sick!! That sucks!

BUt yes, you are right, that is ALWAYS the way!!!! Now you have a backup though, right?

I always sneak food in the theater and it tastes WONDERFUL!

Amanda said...

That always is how things work! I've had something similar happen to me, lol! Have fun at the movie!