Wednesday, February 18, 2009

good news and bad news

the bad news is that i didn't go swimming last night.

the good news is that i went to ikea, bought a new desk (more like a computer workstation), set it up while speeding through last week's biggest loser, set up my computer on the new desk (sort of difficult... many wires and plugs) and organized my office space. i also took my old GIANT metal desk that was the size of half my den (not joking) and brought it down to the main floor of my building to the recycling room. all by myself. yes, i am very strong. i rolled it... on the side, on the back, on the side... etc.

the bad news is that i didn't have the best sleep last night. the wheels in my brain were really turning.

the good news is that i went swimming this morning and it was glorious. and now that i'm reminded of how much i love exercising in every way (during and after), i'll be much more motivated to do it. before this morning, i didn't do any workouts since thursday which is very unlike me. i did a lot of walking, but i don't consider that to be anything above the norm.

the bad news is that this morning, after making a giant thermos of boston creme pie coffee, i knocked it over while making breakfast and it went everywhere - all over my stove, counter, down the cabinets, into the cabinets, on the floor, all over everything on the counter.

the good news is that me in the past decided to shell out for the expensive bounty paper towels instead of the cheap crappy brand i normally buy and it was easy to clean.

i can't think of any more bad news, unless you count the weather, but that's boring and a stretch. this morning before my swim i tried a *new* fiber one granola bar - oats and caramel (US product) for 2 ww points. it was yumtastic. after my swim i made an egg white scramble with 200g egg whites (2 ww points), chopped onion, red pepper, zucchini, cremini mushrooms, and mrs. dash sun-dried tomato seasoning (0 points) on a flat-out wrap (1 points). i could only fit 1/2 of the scramble inside the wrap and the rest had to be eaten al fresco. i know what al fresco means!

last night late into the evening i was feeling hungry. too hungry to just go to bed, so i made a smoothie. i used frozen raspberries, a splash of unsweetened vanilla almond breeze, a splash of low-cal cranberry juice (pc blue menu), and a splash of diet sour apple soda (US product... and so delicious). then i got the bright idea to add some spinach leaves. i think i added too many because then it tasted like spinach and i was a little grossed out. i added more frozen raspberries and it was fine. PHEWF. what a thrilling story.


Randi said...

ok, you are adorable. "what a thrilling story" killed me.

way to be a strong independant woman with the desk!

I think the color would really throw me off with added spinach. but good idea if you can hide the flavour.

Haley said...

I always love your recipes -- you think outside the box, lady. :)

Bi0nicw0man said...

ha, super thrilling!

I'm so the same way about moving stuff or whatever. If I'm in the mood and no one is here to help, then I'm gonna do it anyway!! good job girl.

Cat_82 said...

OK.....I am SUCH a spiller and I totally feel your pain on the spilling. Mike doesn't understand how one girl has so many 'accidents'. Your wrap sounds delish! (except I don't like eggs, but I WISH i did, because egg dishes always look so good!)

Great job on getting swimming! You're doing great with you weekly exercise plan so far!

Vanessa said...

I so want a new desk!

Boston Creme coffee? That sounds amazing.

Good paper towels are a must in my house :P

Points Princess said...

You crack me up! Love the honesty of your totally write what goes on in your head!

Jen said...

I think it was thrilling!!!! You are a friggin rockin chick!!!!

We started buying better toiler paper lately and one of our friends even commented on how great it was!!! Totally worth the splurge!!!

Sarah said...

what goes into boston cream pie coffee?