Monday, February 2, 2009

what a coincidence

after posting my piece on weight maintenance last week, i came across this article on yahoo canada which sums things up very nicely. worth reading for sure. i love these yahoo and health and fitness articles. many are very redundant, but a few have new and interesting things to say. and it's all free. oh, internet, how i do love you.

i would have to say i went a little overboard on the eating this weekend. especially last night at my girlfriend's house watching gone with the wind. a lot of veggies, some whole wheat pasta with chicken, nachos with taco cream cheese dip (!!!)... that kind of stuff. so some healthier choices but some... not so much. my downfall were these macaroon madness bars from m & m's meat shop. they tasted like butterscotch blondies with coconut on top. heaven!

so now i'm back in healthy living mode. i didn't swim on saturday, but i did go yesterday and this morning. i might go for a treadmill walk tonight as well. i have finished reading thin is the new happy and now i've moved on to chasing harry winston, the latest book from the author that wrote the devil wears prada. exciting! i have to have it finished by the 5th (back to library), so reading while walking on the treadmill is a perfect way to kill two birds with one stone. not that i want to kill birds of course.

my goals for this week are: 4 x cardio sessions, 2 x yoga/pilates sessions, at LEAST 7 hours of sleep per night, following hunger cues, and grabbing the bull by the balls. happy monday.


Shannon said...

ohh i was at the grocery store this weekend and saw mrs. dash and remembered you commented on that in your last post, saying you need to lay off it. but i swear it said no calories and no sodium. so why do you wanna lay off? is it bad? i was tempted to buy it but want to know why it is so bad. :) let a girl know.

Bi0nicw0man said...

Poor bull!


Randi said...

did you love the movie? Leaves a lot out huh? (like her KIDS!)

Sounds like you have a good plan to make up for your big weekend (which doesn't sound too bad)

fittingbackin said...

WOW that was such a good article. Sad, really. I think it had a lot of great messages - thanks for sharing! oooh You'll have to let me know how the book is! You have a great plan this week, too - you'll definitely finish the book in time!