Monday, February 23, 2009

a monday list

1) first of all, check out this awesome shout out i got on friday from shirls. you rock too and together, we will grab all the bulls balls.

2) this morning, i did a 20 minute yoga podcast: intermediate yoga for runners. this one is tough. i can already feel the muscles in my bum asking me why i did this to them. the podcast is actually 26 minutes. the poses are difficult, especially the half moon pose. my hamstrings are so tight and my legs are a lot longer than my arms, and i can't touch the ground with my legs straight. i'm working on it! it was good to try something more difficult - lately i've just been doing the gentle hatha which is very gentle and restorative.

3) i might need a new car. can i afford a new car? of course not but i wouldn't buy a new new car, just a newer old car. and i could pay it in monthly installments. my old car is feeling more and more beat down every day. what do you think of the yaris? isn't it cute?

4) check out this amazing link. it's got side-by-side comparison photos of fast food products - how they look in advertisements (yummy) and how they actually look when you buy them in the restaurant (yucky). definite food for thought.


Cat_82 said...

I checked out the Yaris when I was car shopping last year! It's totally cute and Toyota's are so reliable! I ended up getting an '09 corolla, a little more 'family mobile' than the Yaris, but still cute and affordable!

Sara said...

The Yaris looks really cute!

That website definitely puts fast food in perspective - gross!

Randi said...

I think I need to print out those pictures and keep them in my glove box for the next time I'm tempted with drive through. The before ones don't even look unhealthy, all the veggies are so thick and crispy.

Angie All The Way said...

I'm going through yoga withdrawal since I haven't done it in at least a week and a half. I miss it! can't wait to get a session in!

Lex said...

totally agree with Cat. Yaris's's's'ss are definitely cute and toyotas are super dependable. I have an 03 corolla, and although I call it my cougar car (usually elderly women drive it) it's still doing me strong!

If you got the Yaris it could be your Pirate car... Yarrrrrrrrrrrrr

Shirls said...

I miss Yoga, I've just got to make some time for it! Love the Yaris super cute, super functional, reasonable costs to run and its a toyota, which is hard to go wrong with :0)

btw - I totally used you to get through my run, you deserved the shout out :0)

eurydice said...

hahaha pirate car - hilarious!