Friday, February 20, 2009

product love

here are some products i am really digging lately:

1) dairyland "creama"

only the fat-free kind, let's not get crazy. i know i've mentioned this before, but the dairyland brand of dairy products is the best in canada, in my opinion. not including organics or one's i haven't tried. the dairyland milk is so creamy and tasty, the yogurts are amazing... there is something else i love but can't remember. oh right! cottage cheese! the dairyland cottage cheese is THE BEST hands down. dairyland fat free creama is also tops. truthfully i detest the name "creama" but there is nothing else wrong with this product. it's fat free, 10 calories per tablespoon, and it really creams up your coffee. i am not into black coffee and why would i ever be with products like this out there.

2) the bag of spinach: the bag of spinach rocks. do you want to know why? of course you do. it's so versatile. it's pre-washed so there is hardly any mess and it's ready to go. no need to get out that annoying salad spinner that takes up a whole cabinet above the fridge (and i have to move all of my cereal boxes to get to it). earlier this week i talked about putting spinach in a smoothie, but i like it many, MANY ways. add it to an omelet, put it in your lunchtime wrap, chop it up and just eat a spinach salad. spinach adds bulk to your food with hardly any calories and a massive amount of nutrients. where do you think popeye got those giant muscles from? and, it's a great source of iron. i have anemia and don't like taking iron pills (cough... constipation... cough) so fills that void.

3) frozen raspberries: i love them! my favourite brand is "europe's best" because they are always so fat and plumpy but i have been known to buy other brands, even noname store brands, and they are good too. sometimes i let them thaw overnight and sometimes i eat them frozen. sometimes i heat them up in the microwave and sometimes i let them warm up in my oatmeal. they seem expensive but aren't really if you compare the amount of berries you are getting in a frozen bag to that of a little puny half-pint container. those are often $3 on sale, and a bag is usually $5 or $6 for thrice or four time that amount. yes, i said thrice. do you like that word?

in other news, it is finally, almost the weekend. i have to clean my apartment SO BAD. it's not "dirty" just "cluttered" because i have a problem with putting things back where they belong. i feel like i'm always accumulating so much stuff and with it comes giant boxes or the need to throw out my old giant things. with a little living space it's difficult to stay decluttered.

the movie last night was cute. it was laugh out loud funny in a lot of parts. it deviated too far from the book for my liking, but that always happens. except in the movie "atonement" - that was very true to the book. the outfits were cute, isla fisher was cute, luke brandon, cute. all cute. that's my review. it's cute.

does anyone have big plans for the weekend? it's my book club on sunday. we read "the independence of miss mary bennett." i am still reading it... eep. i have big plans for yoga and for swimming too.


Lainey said...

I don't know if Dairyland is the best, but I'll take your word for it. But I do believe that Lucerne is the worst. It actually makes me sick when I drink it, and I'm not the only one. Makes me wonder just what kinds of additives they put in it!

I have no plans for the weekend. My husband is working for the next two Saturdays, so I guess I'm on my own.

Bi0nicw0man said...

I heart Dairyland cottage cheese. When I first moved here I was sooo sad not to have Island Farms anymore, but the first sighting of Dairyland cottage cheese totally cheered me up. Yes, I'm weird.

I thought the exact same thing about Confessions. Super cute, but aside from the basic jist of the story they strayed far far away from the book. In the first scene, my friends and I were all like "um, hello...she's not British!"

Amanda said...

Mmmm... love those Europe's Best raspberries. I love to eat them frozen for dessert. Love how tart they are!

Will have to check out the Dairyland cottage cheese. Don't think I've ever seen it. I'm usually a Nordica girl.

I have no real plans for this weekend, which is fantastic. I really should try to finish unpacking though.

Enjoy your weekend!

Randi said...

Raspberries are SO delicious. So delicious I planted a row of raspberry bushes in my backyard. They're still babies though, maybe this year I'll get a good crop. mmm. Never bought any before though. Always had my mom's fresh or frozen ones. Seemed ridiculous price to pay when you saw how much she got in a picking. She HAD to make jam to get rid of them. I can't wait for mine!

I think I love the word Creama. Pretend you're all ghetto when you say it. haha.

healthy ashley said...

I am right there with you!

Pre-washed spinach (does it come any other way?) rocks and can be put into anything! And that's my favorite frozen fruit brand EVER! Try their mango!

Vanessa said...

I love Dairyland cottage cheese!

Shirls said...

I too love creama :0) and I totally agree dairyland cottage cheese, hands down the best..

btw you rocked my world today :0)

Angie All The Way said...

I've never bought spinach that wasn't pre-washed and ready to use and I just love it! I throw it in EVERYTHING and never know it's even there!

Jen said...

I am so going to go buy the creama!!!

I TOTALLY agree about the cottage cheese!!

The movie STILL has not come to my town :(

*LAUGHS* and then I just read Randi's comment about Creama! I am ALL about the ghetto!

fittingbackin said...

oooh - thanks for the product reviews AND movie review! Fun!

Laura said...

Yay for spinach! I use baby spinach instead of lettuce for my salads. I grab handfulls of it and saute it with a little olive oil and garlic to put on my pizza. I heart spinach!

Also, frozen fruit is great! I use it when making smoothies and that way don't need to use ice. I put it in with my yogurt and it's thawed by lunchtime. Raspberries and vanilla yogurt = AWESOME!

I'll have to take your word on the Creama, though. I just buy 5% cream or FF evaporated milk for my coffee.

Sarah said...

Hmmm I gotta try that creamer..

Jill Murray said...

Please don't hotlink images directly from my website (, the Europe's Best). Instead, save it to your own desktop and then upload. Otherwise you're forcing me to pay to host your images, which I'm sure was not your intention.