Wednesday, February 11, 2009


last night i went to homesense to do a little shopping. i am going to a girlfriend's birthday dinner tonight and don't want to show up empty handed. everyone always says "no gifts, no gifts" when no one is going to refuse (and not love) a little something. i like homesense because it is the same company as winners. i can go in, find the perfect gift, and not be distracted by the clothes!

i ended up buying more for myself than for my friend... of course. i absolutely LOVE flavoured coffees and i found two amazing ones from a company called "pie in the sky" and distributed by figueroa brothers, inc. although i can't find anything about the coffee on the website. the coffee flavours i got... are you ready for this?... coconut creme pie and boston creme pie. mmmmmmm. of course i haven't tried them yet but am confident they will be sinlessly delicious.

i also bought two bottle koozies. what is a koozie? yeah... that was my question too. it's a little zip up jacket for your bottle. i bought them with the intention of using them for alcoholic drinks. for example, if a person wanted to enjoy a pomtini on toronto island without arising suspicion. but then it occurred to me that they are probably for water bottles. one is bright orange with white polka dots and the other is bright green with white polka dots. each one has a cute little mitten zipper tag. i'm assuming they are being marketed towards women, which is why i never thought they were for beer. but they could be for beer. if you like beer. in a bottle. like a corona... alright i feel better now. they were on super discount for $0.70 each. in these hard economic times i can justify this goofy purchase.

i bought my friend a pretty amazing present, if i do say so myself. it is a Liquid Solutions Tea-zer Tea Brewing Tumbler with Infuser Basket in blue. basically a loose leaf tea thermos. what a great idea not to mention adorable. not everyone likes coffee (did i just say that?) but most people like tea. AND loose leaf teas are becoming more of a mainstream rage. or maybe, when you get to a certain age more people can afford and drink loose leaf teas.

afterward, i went to loblaws to pick up some fresh fruits and veggies. i love loblaws AND their organic section is pretty similar to whole foods market. last night i spotted almost everything i buy at whole foods for cheaper prices. i bought grapefruits, blood oranges, bananas, and this. i know it's overpriced for oats but i have to try it! review to come later.

i didn't do any yoga last night but i did do some this morning. i tried the 20-minute lunar flow. i loved the spine twists but some of the weird backward bending moves made my lower back ache and i'm sure i'll be in yoga pain tomorrow. i am heading down for a swim around noon, and tonight am walking a) to my boyfriend's apartment 2.5 miles away and b) to the restaurant, maybe another mile or so.


Julie said...

Nice gift. I wouldn't mind receiving that myself.

Ooooh, instant blueberry steel cut oats! Do let us know how they turn out.

Randi said...

I've only ever seen beer koozies. We have a pile of them (I bought some pretty sparkly ones at a dollar store for a New Year's party that never happened, plus they came free in beer cases for awhile).

The gift sort of thing never works for me. It's easy to give a bottle of wine. Or some sort of coffee or tea accessory. Seems very practical and good. I don't like tea, coffee or wine. I always regift wine hostess gifts. But I do appreciate not having to try and pick out wine for somebody else then!

Vanessa said...

I love Homesense!

Amanda said...

Mmm... that oatmeal looks good. I'll have to check for it the next time I'm in Loblaws, although I don't go very often because the one near my parents' place (I do my shopping when I visit on Sundays) has the worst produce section. Always overpriced and the veggies are usually old.

I have friends who smuggle booze in used coffee cups. The koozie sounds like a much better idea!

Sara said...

might need to go get a koozie - those sound fun and for 0.70, really!

Have a great swim and have fun tonight!

P.S. thanks for the contest link!

Jen said...

OOh sounds like you had some fun shopping!!!!

I have never thought of those koozies...makes perfect sense though!!!

I have a tea basket but I would LOVE one that was in a thermos!! What a cool idea!!!

Anne said...

About 5 minutes away we have a combo Homesence and Winners, like two regular stores stuck together. DANGEROUS! haha!! love them.