Monday, August 20, 2007

vitamins make me sick

i want to take vitamins, but every time i do i feel so sick inside, like i want to vomit. i always forget why i stop taking vitamins, too. today i took some and was sick - not very much, but still. i still feel really nauseated which is not the best feeling at work.

so far, i'm not really missing the weightwatchers online tools very much. i've been doing this for so long that i pretty much have it all figured out in my head. it helps to write stuff down so i know how much i can eat at dinner, and for snacks, etc., but otherwise no problems.

i've also started losing weight. i'm not really sure why - i thought my body was destined to be 125-130 pounds forever. i guess that isn't the case. i am finally below 125 so that's the goal i'm happy with. i haven't been eating any differently, although i have been adding more variety to my fitness routines.

oatmeal with strawberries (2)

chunky soup (2)
2 slices rye bread (2)

yogurt with kamit puffs (2)

dinner: not sure, but i'm thinking some sort of veggie stir fry...


Sara said...

Congrats on the condo - that is awesome! King West is a great area. 2010 - long time to wait, but it will make it even more sweet!

Yeah - suburbia. Burlington to be more exact but we want to start a family in a few years and both sets of parents are in Hamilton and are willing to babysit if we move closer - so... I'll probably start working there eventually. But it will be weird!

Okay last thing - that is amazing about your weight loss - maybe all you needed was to take a step back from worrying! So a super congrats for getting to where you are happiest!!

Angie All The Way said...

Thanks so much for you kind comment yesterday on my blog!

Re vitamins: I find that taking them with food is a must, or it can turn your tummy topsy turvy.