Thursday, August 23, 2007


last night my bf and i tried this new bbq joint in my neighbourhood called cluck, grunt, and low. it's been getting really fab reviews from friends and critics alike. we shared a caesar salad, a bbq chicken sandwich, and a side of baked beans. it was alright - but even though we were full at the end, the portions weren't that great. you'd think bbq place = lotsa food, but that was not really the case. i like that my bf is not a huge eater and we can share portions of things. really, i don't need a big chicken sandwich when i would only be eating 1/2 size at home anyway.

Here is today's menu in all it's glory.

oatmeal with berries (3)

2 slices rye bread (2)
1/2 can of tuna (1.5)
2 tbsp fat free mayo (1)

all bran bites (1)
yogurt (1)

not sure. i have hardly any food at home at all. it's very sad actually. i've got bran flakes, soup, melba toast, and a can of chick peas.


marie said...

that place has the cutest site ever...but not worth it, eh? pity.

Sara said...

Hmm, guess we won't be going there! The only BBQ places I've been too are in the States and they certainly do not skimp. Hubbie and I always split too.