Wednesday, August 15, 2007

i am skinny

i've been avoiding the scale because i thought i had gained weight. it turns out, i've lost weight! i've been having really good workouts at the gym lately and eating well, for the most part. i guess i always think that a few minor splurges (eg. eating fetticine alfredo at east side marios, with garlic bread AND caesar salad) will result in a huge gain... when really that isn't the case so long as i keep the rest of my eating in check.

today i'm going on a romantic picnic after work and i'm bringing the food. here's what i'm making:

sandwiches with rye bread, havarti cheese, lean chicken breast, light mayo and honey mustard.
grape tomatoes
pc blue menu waffle pretzles (if you haven't tried these you need to!)

and rainbow twizzlers

there are a lot of nice photographs of these rainbow twizzlers!

anyway... YUM YUM.

pc blue menu multigrain instant oatmeal (2-3)
blueberries (0)

soup (2)
2 slices rye bread (2)

yogurt (1)
puffed kamit cereal (1)

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