Monday, August 13, 2007


i cancelled my subscription to weightwatchers online. why? because i'm trying to be frugal and i don't think i really need it anymore. i hardly use it - only really to use the recipe builder. i'm pretty good at gaging points in my head anyway. if i need it again i won't hesitate to sign up. but for now... i don't think it's necessary. because i have probably, if the offer goes through, just bought a condo in toronto. ready 2010... long time.... but still. HUGE purchase.

here is today's menu. also, in another attempt to be frugal, i've decided to try and eat everything i already have. like the 1,000 cans of soup i seem to have piled up in the cupboard. or the frozen foods, etc. here goes nothing!

oatmeal (2)

2 slices rye bread (2)
peanut butter (1)
veg. with pasta soup at hand (2)

yogurt with kamit puffs (1.5)
3 rye crackers (1)

hungry girlfredo (1)
sol cuisine burger on ww bun (4)
greeny beanies w/marg. (1)

snack: maybe a cadbury thin and some popcorn or something...

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