Wednesday, August 29, 2007


boo i'm so tired today! i was up late last night waiting to drive home band gear. but the good news is, when i came into work there was a slice of cheesecake from second cup sitting on my desk with a note that said "from your secret admirer." i wonder who it could be from!? actually i don't wonder - it's from the bf. it's so sweet though. i took a couple of bites but am saving it in the fridge for later. funny how my body craves bland oatmeal in the morning. too sweet? i don't think i've ever uttered that phrase before!

today's menu:

bites of cheesecake (?)
oatmeal (3)

lean cuisine w/added spinach (5)

more cheesecake (?)

dinner: pogos - i know this isn't the best but i love a good pogo!
green beans (0)


Sara said...

MMM - I love a good cheesecake!! Pogos - now that brings back some childhood memories - I haven't had a pogo in ages!!

eurydice said...

i haven't had one either.

and i'm looking forward to it haha

marie said...

i'm so fighting off the snacking urge and you're talking about cheesecake - argh!

i haven't had a pogo since i was a kid. i can't eat hot dogs :( enjoy it for me, will ya?