Monday, January 26, 2009

time to get it together

whoops, i forgot to post on friday. i was having lunch with a friend, that must be why i forgot. we went to a restaurant/pub and i ordered a cheeseburger and fries. wooooooo let me tell you how sick i felt ALL afternoon. i mean not good. i used to get this feeling quite regularly - the feeling like you need a bathroom NOW so there better be one in the immediate vicinity feeling - but not for a couple of years since i changed my eating habits. i think it's all of the greasy trans fats. oh trans fats, you taste so good but are bad in every way.

my weekend was good. on friday night it was my boyfriend's bi-monthly music and art showcase. this time can.adian ido.l finalist moo.kie mor.ris was performing and it was really really packed. it was a good night and we went out for last night chinese food with friends after the show. i didn't get to bed until almost 5, and slept in until 1:30... can you believe it? needless to say saturday went by way too fast.

i was feeling a bit chubb all weekend. when my new jeans were a bit tight last week, i knew something was up so i bit the bullet and got on the scale this morning. after the weekend and everything. i was repeating in my head, "please not more than 5 pounds about maintenance, please not more than that" and it wasn't that bad. only about a pound over. but still. in december i was happy at the low end of my range and i can feel the difference in the fit of my clothes and my body confidence.

i have decided to use the same plan of attack that i used at the beginning of december. eating on a schedule (8am, 11am, 2pm, 5pm, 8pm) and sticking to higher-protein options so that i won't feel hungry. this really was effective last time. whatever works! i'm also going to keep exercising and drink more water.

workouts have been pretty awesome. on friday morning and saturday afternoon, i went for 40 minute swims, and then yesterday i did a 20 minute "yoga for runners" download from it was really hard and i didn't like it. afterwards i realized that it was an intermediate program, level 3, and since i'm a beginning i should be sticking to level 1s only. i downloaded a few of those and this morning i did the 20 minute gentle hatha #1 download. a lot of the 20 minute downloads are free. i am going to try them out and if i like them, i'll purchase longer versions. one of my main goals is to increase my flexibility, especially hamstrings.

tonight my plans are doing some exercise probably (either biking, swimming, or walking), and watching gossip girl. and reading gone with the wind of course. 800 pages down, 224 to go! ;)


Erin said...

I used to get that way all the time when I ate fatty meals. Not fun when you are out at a restaurant!

That is a good plan of attack for eating. That is what is good for me on the weekdays, I HAVE to eat on a schedule with my job, so I eat well during the daytime. The evenings, though.....

Lainey said...

I had the same thing happen as you describe yesterday, when practically all I ate all day was greasy Chinese leftovers. I do have a problem with my stomach (IBS), but I started to suspect that yesterday's episode had a lot more to do with the food I was eating.

Sara said...

that sounds like a great plan of attack!!

Me and my tummy agree with you re: grease!!

Bi0nicw0man said...

There is a level 1 flow yoga that is really good. It keeps you moving but none of the moves are too difficult or anything. It was one of their very first (if not the first) so it should be relatively easy to find. I love that one. :)

Oh, and I love your idea to schedule eating...I'm sooo stealing that!

Lex said...

Your eating schedule sounds like a great plan. I have been eating around similar times.. but mostly "healthily snacking" whenever I was hungry. I am going to try more structure!

Ughh sorry to hear about your tummy. Damn those trans fats!!!!!!!!

sfauthor said...

Nice posting. Do you know about these yoga books?