Tuesday, January 20, 2009

tea time

my new jeans did not arrive yesterday, and there is a chance they might arrive today. apparently they were scanned in "concord" ontario, and out for delivery. i will see where this alleged concord exists. oh, it's just a wee bit north of me, so i think i will see the pants today. hallelujah!

yesterday i went for a swim after work and worked on job applications. i only got one down but it was a special one that required a lot of detail and attention. i am happy i got that swim in. for me, exercising on mondays is the absolute WORST. i just have no energy, and then feel like a lazy slob if i do nothing. it's tough, but actually doing something physical makes me feel so much better and starts the week off right. now i want to keep it up!

today not working. i am going down to the gym (after breakfast) and i think i will ride the stationary bike so i can read gone with the wind at the same time. 450 pages down, 625 to go. it's just a little mass paperback so the type is too small to read on the treadmill. so much has happened already in the story, i can't imagine what is going to come next and fill the next 2/3 of the book! i guess that's why they call it an "epic."

also, all of my silly girl dreams are coming true today because i am going downtown to a fancy hotel to have high tea. yes, my friends, high tea. i live downtown, but i'm going really downtown where all of the skyscrapers are. to have tea and eat pastries and little sandwiches. i am going with my bf's brother's fiance. that is a mouthful! should be a lot of fun. now.... should i wear diamonds... or pearls? just kidding. (pearls obviously) ;)


Randi said...

High tea sounds grand darling! Definately pearls ;)

Yes, definately exercising when you feel blah can help, but it's also harder to exercise when you feel blah! So many catch 22s in life.

Vanessa said...

Oooh, have fun at your high tea!

I know a book is going to be good when I get 1/3 of the way through and can't imagine the story getting any fuller. I'm going to request gone with the wind from the library today!

Sara said...

Have fun!! I find Mondays to be hard too but I always feel so much better!

fittingbackin said...

Aw! I hope your tea is fun!! And yes, Monday workouts are killer... who wants to be there waiting in line for a cardio machine? Blah. Hope your jeans came today!