Monday, January 12, 2009

not meeting goals

ack, one week down and already i am not meeting my goals.

1) i am trying to ease up on myself but it's difficult. last night i was suffering through a bought of poor self-esteem. i wanted to go to the gym but was just too tired from all of the weekend festivities, and then time ticked on and on and it was too late. i am going to get my hair "did" this week and then i'll feel better. i noticed that my roots are out of control and that is probably 75% of my issue!

2) since i didn't work out yesterday as planned, i only completed three out of four 40 minute cardio sessions. i did do two yoga/pilates videos, so all is not lost. i was thinking if i did five cardio sessions this week i could call myself even and move forward. sometimes four is a lot, especially during the the first week back from holiday!

that's that. i already feel better. writing things down really does help. and, even though it's january (the most depressing month), i have a lot to look forward to.

a) the prospect of a new job. nothing is happening yet, but positive thinking will work for me. and of course i keep applying for more jobs!

b) getting my hair done. so worth the money!

c) gossip girl tonight. and last night i finally watched that "being erica" show (new on the cbc) and it's pretty cute!

d) my boyfriend booked us a valentine's weekend getaway to niagara falls. &hearts &hearts &hearts, complete with king bed and jacuzzi tub. swoon! this will be our third valentine's weekend in niagara falls.

e) tonight i am going to get physical. swimming, or a video, or maybe just treadmill walking. something and it's gonna be amazing!

f) the tuna/hummus wrap i have for lunch. 1/2 can tuna (1.5 points), 30g sabra classic hummus (2 points - and if you haven't tried this brand you are missing out, it's seriously AMAZING), on a flat out wrap (1 point), with a side of steamed edamame (2.5 points).

in other news:

1) i have decided to avoid running until the weather is warm. not because i hate the cold (i do), or am lazy (i am not... hmmmm), but because i am still experiencing some bum pain from time to time and i think the only way to make it disappear forever is to refrain from doing any activity that aggravates it until it has been gone for a long time. right now sometimes i can run and sometimes i can't, but it's not enjoyable because i'm out of running shape and each run is such an enormous effort. not worth it. i will revisit this topic later!

2) on the weekend a group of my friends and i went to check out (oh, by the way, this is not for the faint of heart or the easily tempted!) a new quebec-style poutine shop that opened recently. smoke's poutinerie uses real cheese curds from quebec and there is a large variety of types and toppings. i got the mama's poutine, which is traditional poutine with slow roasted chicken chunks and green peas. delicious although afterwards my stomach was sending me a few signals suggesting this poutine should be a rare occurrence. the boys got crazy poutines with italian sausages, bacon, sweet onions... too much! a picture of smoke's poutine can be found here.


Anonymous said...

ewww those poutines look grosssss. :)

Haley said...

Good for you for focusing on the positive -- sometimes writing it down really does help!

Amanda said...

OMG, poutine! And they have veggie poutine! And they're right around the corner from my office! This could be incredibly dangerous.

Sara said...

I so do not want to know where that place is!!

I think you did fab last week! And I agree that you should take the winter off running outside - rest that bum of yours!

fittingbackin said...

I know what you mean! i've hard a hard time getting on track this year (so cold; i'm so tired) and writing it down and sticking to it is my goal for this week! Fun on the Niagra trip!!!! And thanks for the note about red bull/vodka - imagine that - the yummiest drink that surprisingly low in calories AND keeps you up could very likely kills you. Dang. :)

Vanessa said...


Jen said...

I love poutine...that's crazy with all the toppings though!!!

I love your positive thinking...seriously puts me in a great mood just "hearing" you!!!

Lex said...

WWWWWWWWWWWAhooo Gossip Girl!!!

Writing things down definitely help! So does all of the motivation you get from BloggerLand!!
I am sure you will start meeting your goals soon enough! Give it time! :)

carla said...

(how freakin sweet is your boyfriend?!)

Im with you on the sometimes the exterior perk (I so beyond need my hair did, too) makes me more motivated to retackle the physical (to match? who can say.)

Fatinah said...

oh my word - I love poutine!!

I'm a traditionalist though - I don't like anything on my poutine except cheese curds & gravy!

Cara said...

you and your boyfriend are so adorable! :-)

I am glad writing this made you feel better!!