Wednesday, January 7, 2009

baloney man

last night i went to costco to pick up a few things. a big container of woolite which i haven't been able to find in regular stores lately, a combo pack of larabars, a big box of 100-calorie packs of ritz and cheese nibs, and a box of 12 individual microwave packs of edamame.

i wanted to try the woolite because my clothes are constantly fading and it's driving me crazy. and i kept seeing those television ads with stacy from what not to wear. marketing works on me obviously.

normally i am against 100-cal packs because usually they are grossly overpriced and have no nutrition value whatsoever, but the ritz and cheese nibs called to me. so salty and delicious and sometimes cheesy. how many people do you know that can stop at the suggested serving size of delicious salty ritz? how many crackers is that anyway? three? not enough.

the edamame is such a great idea and very useful. i can bring these packs to work and not worry about having to pre-cook them at home. the only bizarre (and annoying) thing is that each "bowl" is 1.5 servings, and the nutritional information on the box is for 1 serving. outrageous! it's irritating when companies do this. are they just not thinking, or are they trying to make their products seem healthier than they are? like those breakfast cookies at second cup - two servings per cookie. no one eats 1/2 a cookie. also outrageous!

in other news, i recently stumbled across this new funny blog the grandly spectacular and fantastically phenomenal fad diet experiment. this guy is going to spend the next 18 weeks trying 14 different fad diets for one week at a time, with a day off between each diet. it kind of annoys me that he's listed weight watchers as a "fad," but other than that it's very amusing to me and i'm pretty interested to see what happens to him. i'm not too concerned about the danger of this experiment - he's a grown man and can do what he wants!

and finally, this morning i tried the yoga booty ballet series dvd that i took out from the library. this dvd had two discs: goddess booty (25 minutes) and yoga core (30 minutes). the goddess booty workout was tough! my bum was really aching and i had to stop several times. does anyone have an extra pillow for me to sit on? at the beginning of this workout i was not into it, but by the end i came around. the yoga core workout wasn't really for me. i'd say these moves would be very difficult, if not impossible for beginners, and i've had much better core workouts from windsor pilates, and from the carmen electra fit to strip dvd. a few times during this video i felt dizzy and lightheaded... not good. the women in the video are alright, although they are VERY into the meditation-we-are-all-one-with-the-universe mumbo jumbo. sometimes i like it and sometimes it seems like a baloney sandwich.


Anonymous said...

i love that edamame. how many pts for the 1.5 servings, was always curious. you made me want to hit up costco. :)

p.s. i am back. :)

Carolyn said...

I HAVE to try this edamame. Everyone is talking about it and I've never even heard of it.

Thanks for the link to the new blog. Interesting concept and a good afternoon read!

Bi0nicw0man said...

I've heard about those boxes of edamame but always forget to look for them when I'm there. Having said that, I have a bag of shelled edamame in my freezer that I haven't even opened and I'm pretty sure I bought it in the Summer. ooops.

Lex said...

ok I've been getting those boxes of Edamame for SO long from costco and I LOVE them!
They are my nightly snack... I have a slight addiction to them and haven't bothered checking out the nutrition info (I think in my head: It's green = go ahead!) hahah
But they are oh so good! I always forget to bring them to work though!
Tip: after you microwave them, just peel off a tiny bit of a corner and then drain the extra water. I used to find by the time I got to the last few beans, they were uber mushy from the water accumulated during microwaving

SeaBreeze said...

I have those edamame too. The only solution I've found it to share with co-workers or dining companions at home if I only want 1 serving. Re-heating re-heated food just doesn't seem to work for me.

I love to eat them with Lime Juice and salt.

Jack Tango said...

Hot diggity! Thanks for the heads up/plug, Eurydice! You're the type of girl that makes a boy feel special!

And you're right; Weight-Watchers isn't *really* a Fad Diet, but I was keepin' with a theme. "The Grandly Spectacular and Fantastically Phenomenal Fad Diet Plus One Standardized Weight Loss Plan Experiment" seemed unwieldy, even for me. :-)

Gracias for the shout out! You shall receive full propers on ye old blag.

Jen said...

*LAUGHS* YOU KILL ME!!! I love it!!!

Those sneaky buggers slipping 1.5 servings in...I do really hate when they do that!!

I have a bag of edamame in my freezer too!!! Time to crack that puppy open!!!

(I like how the guy agrees that WW is not a fad diet!! Off to check out his site!!)

Sara said...

I almost got that dvd from the library this weekend! I picked up Gym in a Box instead which totally sucked ass. This sounds like a better (but not perfect) pick.

P.O.M. said...

I love edamame but haven't seen those little packets. Would be perfecto for work! Im afraid of coscto because I tend to get way too much stuff that I don't need.

Anonymous said...

i love the larabar boxes from costco! what a deal! and i love me some edamame too

Vanessa said...

Haha! Too cute.

I've never tried larabars. Or edamame. *Hangs head*